Sunday, July 26, 2009

Little Party Animals!

Well, yesterday was the big day! (sort of!). With my sister leaving for Alaska tomorrow, we pushed Evan's birthday party to the weekend before, which was yesterday! It was a LOT of work getting everything ready, and a LOT of work taking it back down before the rain came (which never did), but it was a LOT of fun! We set up some fun things for the tiny tots to do - wading pools, ball pits, bounce house, teeter totter, and more, and the little ones had a blast! It was so cute! Birthday Boy!The guests!
Alex, Gavin, Emma, Ruby, Lauren
Lauren B, Keenan, Evan, Ian
Joey, Sydney, & Zoey
Not Pictured: Rylee & Ethan

While we were planning Evan's party, Emma was wanting to have a party for her birthday with some friends, so she was allowed to invite a couple friends over for her cake, too. (And didn't mind the tiny-sized equipment!). The REALLY hot weather kept all the kiddos happy in the water! Here are a few of the (200+) photos from the party! Enjoy!

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