Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's HOT!! Outside!!

It's been over 100 degrees all week, and I'm ready for it to end!! Our pool finally "died" Thursday and so all we have is the baby pool to cool down in. The kids are still pretty comfortable, even though I feel like a hippo in a shoebox! ;)
The first week of swimming lessons have ended, and the kids are doing great. Evan is now blowing bubbles in the water, and Emma is swimming (somewhat) on her back. Hooray! I have such great kiddos! :)
The heat has just drained me. My poor garden is overrun by grass & weeds and though I water every day, a few of my green babies have become heat victims. The grasshoppers are flourishing, though. Yech.
Saturday one of my best friends celebrated her "twenty-tenth" birthday. It makes me shake my head in disbelief that we have come this far from the kids we were when we first met. Happy Birthday, Nickle!
Today we went to Lauren's house to play on the slip and slide. They're made a lot better than in the early 90s. They automatically spray water on the plastic so you don't have to get plastic burn on your belly from dryness, and it comes with stakes to hold it down. Nice. Anyway, Emma learned that slipping & sliding that fast causes grass cuts. Not grass burns or grass stains, but actual cuts. Of course, they didn't seem to hurt until it was time for bed...
I am SOOOOOO anxiously awaiting the premiere of the new Harry Potter movie that comes out this week. Emma wants to wear her Hermione costume again, but I'm not sure it will fit her, as my mom made it for her 2 years ago (and won the costume contest at Hastings!)
Some of my favorite photos from that day of the last premiere...

Perhaps by the end of the week, I will have new photos (that's assuming that we don't melt!) I adore that costume! I'll be heartbroken if it no longer fits my little wizard!!
Have a great week!

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