Monday, July 13, 2009

Hitting close to home...again

My great aunt has been fighting breast cancer for quite some time now. My sister's best friend's mother has gone through chemo twice and has elected to let nature and God run their course. It always hits me hard to hear of anyone I know that suffers from such a scary & painful sickness. I pray every day for those affected by cancer, and for those working hard to find a cure. Today I learned that breast cancer has hit close to home yet again. My childhood neighbor since we moved to Stillwater went through surgery recently to remove cancerous cells from her breast, but will be starting chemotherapy next month. It floors me.
Is this the same woman, with a full head of hair, that would chit chat with us while we played outside as a child? That would surprise us with gifts from her sons when they outgrew them? The lady that recently knitted baby caps for both Evan and Emma's baby dolls? The healthy lady that looks fine?
It is.
Please add Mrs. O to your prayers, if you could. She and her family need strength and support from all.
I am counting my blessings, as my family & I are all healthy & happy. I don't think I remember to count that one as often as I should.

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