Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

It was my second year in college, I believe, when I read the first Harry Potter book. It "had me at hello". The next two were read soon after, and ever since, I have been buying on midnight releases and finishing the book within the next 24 hours. There's something about a book that can take you away. I've never read another book like these. I remember at times stopping reading to eat lunch, and feeling as though I was in a less exciting and adventurous world, and wanted to get back to that wizarding world as soon as I could. When JK Rowling ended the series, and people were suicidal over it, I could relate to what they were feeling (though not in such dramatic levels). You can get stuck in a book. In a world. In imagination. The movies are never even close to the grand stories of the books, but it's always a great joy to see what different book elements look like in another person's imagination - only theirs was brought to film.
Last night at midnight, the shows were all sold out, so Emma & i went to the first show this morning at 10. The movie was wonderful, as expected, and the time spent with just Emma is always fun. Here she is in her costume, 2 years later...and still as cute as can be!

Happy spell-casting!

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