Thursday, July 30, 2009

Goodbye, July!

To close July 2009, here are a few photos of the last week!

Evan and his favorite Tonka trucks (a lot from his birthday!)

Evan in his birthday tub (rowing with a bowling pin!)

Birthday Boy shoes!
What a cute 1 year old!
Thumbs up for birthday cheesecake!
Laughing at the zooming Tonkas
Chewing on the taxi's tag :)
Upsey Daisy!!
This is the way we wash our hair, so early in the morning...
Downsie - daisy!
Evan & his swim teacher
Emma & her ginea pigs going to see the G-Force movie!
Daddy & Evan on their last day of swim lessons!
Ev & Daddy going up the slide
And out they come!
My boys :)
Have a great August!!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Evan!
    He is so cute!!
    We are so glad to see his growing up. We want to visit you this year.
    Rion & Wakana

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