Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Evan's 1st Swim Lesson!

Evan had his first swimming lesson yesterday at the city pool! He had a lot of fun! John went with him, which he loved. I still remember Emma's first lesson, and I think we had a great bonding experience going through it, so I am SO excited that my boys get to do the same!

Getting ready to "jump" in!

There he goes!

Hooray!! Yay for Evan!
After the lesson part, they got to play in the baby pool!

What a great job, Evan! You'll be swiming with sister before you know it!

Emma is excelling really well in her class as well! She started Monday, where they did placement tests, and they ended up bumping her up to the level 2s! Pretty good for a kid who just started swimming a couple weeks ago!
We're so proud of you, Emmie!
Yesterday, they started swimming out in the diving end of the pool. I was nervous about her, since she tends to get a little nervous when it comes to water she can't stand in, but she jumped off the diving board and swam to the edge like a pro!
I am so proud of my little swimmers! Thank you Gramma Joyce & Auntie Astrid for "sponsoring" our lessons! They are LOVING it! This summer has been full of great events!
Our adventures this week include...
Mooooore swim lessons!
Family Fun Night #2 (if it quits raining!)
A visit to see Auntie Pickle!
A birthday party!

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