Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dunks & Dives!

Emma's last day of swim lessons was last week, but this week & next, Evan will still be attending. Tonight Emma & I decided to go out for a mommy & emma dinner at McDonalds while the boys went to lessons. Of course, afterwards, John calls to tell me: "You're gonna be mad...", and that never ceases to make my stomach turn. (Especially since earlier this week it was followed by "Well, Evan's apparently not allergic to peanuts..."). Today's mad moment was that Evan had done not only his first jump off the diving board, but also did it on his own, head first, and was actually smiling when he surfaced! WHAT?!? I know!! I can't believe I wasn't there to document it on fim, video, and in my personal memory banks! Boooo! But, we are SOOO proud of him, nonetheless! What a brave little boy!! Good job, Ev!
Tooth #6 is visible, but not through yet, so we still have drool flowing. "Crazy Daze" began today (a yearly sale event throughout town), and Evan & I picked up a few items for the fall, including real shoes in prepration for his walking feet later on!
Some interesting facts:
Emma's new favorite album: FUNHOUSE by PINK (edited version, of course)
Her new goal in life: To be on TV singing PINK.
Future careers: Princess, Teacher

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