Thursday, July 30, 2009

Goodbye, July!

To close July 2009, here are a few photos of the last week!

Evan and his favorite Tonka trucks (a lot from his birthday!)

Evan in his birthday tub (rowing with a bowling pin!)

Birthday Boy shoes!
What a cute 1 year old!
Thumbs up for birthday cheesecake!
Laughing at the zooming Tonkas
Chewing on the taxi's tag :)
Upsey Daisy!!
This is the way we wash our hair, so early in the morning...
Downsie - daisy!
Evan & his swim teacher
Emma & her ginea pigs going to see the G-Force movie!
Daddy & Evan on their last day of swim lessons!
Ev & Daddy going up the slide
And out they come!
My boys :)
Have a great August!!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Evan!

Happy 1st Birthday, Evan!!

What a year it has been! You've come a long way! In 365 days, you have quadrupled your weight, learned to crawl, started dancing, had TWO haircuts, travelled out of state, hosted a party, and accomplished many, many new things! What a handsome & bright young man you are turning out to be!
This morning, Evan was playing in this tub. How cute! He was using bowling pins to "row" the boat.
At breakfast, I was singing Emma's version of "Happy Birthday" to him, and he LOVED it! See for yourself & sing along! ;)

Some other big Evan-news:
~Tooth #6 arrived on July 25th (party day!)
~Had his first cow's milk yesterday (and decided he needed to wean off formula instead of going cold turkey!)
He is growing up so fast! I can't keep up!!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Little Party Animals!

Well, yesterday was the big day! (sort of!). With my sister leaving for Alaska tomorrow, we pushed Evan's birthday party to the weekend before, which was yesterday! It was a LOT of work getting everything ready, and a LOT of work taking it back down before the rain came (which never did), but it was a LOT of fun! We set up some fun things for the tiny tots to do - wading pools, ball pits, bounce house, teeter totter, and more, and the little ones had a blast! It was so cute! Birthday Boy!The guests!
Alex, Gavin, Emma, Ruby, Lauren
Lauren B, Keenan, Evan, Ian
Joey, Sydney, & Zoey
Not Pictured: Rylee & Ethan

While we were planning Evan's party, Emma was wanting to have a party for her birthday with some friends, so she was allowed to invite a couple friends over for her cake, too. (And didn't mind the tiny-sized equipment!). The REALLY hot weather kept all the kiddos happy in the water! Here are a few of the (200+) photos from the party! Enjoy!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dunks & Dives!

Emma's last day of swim lessons was last week, but this week & next, Evan will still be attending. Tonight Emma & I decided to go out for a mommy & emma dinner at McDonalds while the boys went to lessons. Of course, afterwards, John calls to tell me: "You're gonna be mad...", and that never ceases to make my stomach turn. (Especially since earlier this week it was followed by "Well, Evan's apparently not allergic to peanuts..."). Today's mad moment was that Evan had done not only his first jump off the diving board, but also did it on his own, head first, and was actually smiling when he surfaced! WHAT?!? I know!! I can't believe I wasn't there to document it on fim, video, and in my personal memory banks! Boooo! But, we are SOOO proud of him, nonetheless! What a brave little boy!! Good job, Ev!
Tooth #6 is visible, but not through yet, so we still have drool flowing. "Crazy Daze" began today (a yearly sale event throughout town), and Evan & I picked up a few items for the fall, including real shoes in prepration for his walking feet later on!
Some interesting facts:
Emma's new favorite album: FUNHOUSE by PINK (edited version, of course)
Her new goal in life: To be on TV singing PINK.
Future careers: Princess, Teacher

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two great accomplishments!

Each of our little kiddos have great news to tell!
Yesterday, Evan got his 5th tooth! #6 is closely following, so we'll have to deal with more drool and lack of sleep for a few more days. He is so cute. We caught a great, big smile on the changing table yesterday ( a little out of focus, but...) and you can see all 4 teeth, but #5's little point is still hard to see. It's to the left of his left front tooth. What a sweet toothy grin! :)

After too much tickling and grinning, he could only be consoled with his one true love...

...his bottle. (That's gonna be a hard habit to break...)
Emma started art camp yesterday and has been really enjoying it. She showed up the first day to find that she knows several of the other kids in the camp, and was really happy to see them. Anyway, today she came home with a special award:
Artist of the Day!
Congratulations, Emma! You continue to make us so proud.
We love you!
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Sunday, July 19, 2009


Yesterday was an early day for us! We had a zoo trip planned for that day with Gavin's family. We woke up at 6:30 to get the lunches packed and kids dressed and sunblocked for the day and prepared for the ~hour drive to the city.
We had a lot of fun. There was a total of seven kids in the group - Emma was the only girl! It was hot outside, but the kids did amazingly well. We were all suprised. By the time we had left, we had been zooing for 6 hours - with no breakdowns! What great kiddos!
Emma's favorite part of the trip : She had a "zoo key" that you can insert into random boxes around the zoo to hear additional information/songs about the animal. She loved finding and listening to the boxes.
Evan's favorite part of the trip: Definately not the little coin-op ride.
Emma took along her camera as well, but we accidently left the memory card at Gavin's, so we'll have to upload those later (there were some really cute ones!)
Here are the photos from my camera: enjoy!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Dives and Doggie Cake!

Today was Emma's last day of swimming lessons. She has done amazingly well. Here she is, doing her first dive off the board!

Look at that form! Hee hee. What a great accomplishment! ;) Here is a video of her swimming on her back across the pool:
Today also marks seven years since Harley was born. Our oldest [fur]child has turned 7. Crazy. It seems like yesterday we had picked up in Tulsa and he fit in my hand. We've come a long way! He's been here through one marriage, two moves, three babies born, and many, many great memories. We love you, Harley! Happy Birthday!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Backseat Babble...

Yesterday I was driving Emma & Gavin to swim lessons. They each had a baggie of croutons to snack upon on the way.
Gavin: I love croutons.
Emma: I love croutons, too!
Gavin: If I knew a girl made out of croutons, I would marry her! And then I would EAT her in like two seconds!
Me: Well, that would be a short marriage then, wouldn't it?
(short pause)
Gavin: Well, I'd wait one hundred days. THEN I'd eat her!
Hee hee! Being married for a hundred days must be a long time for a crouton lady! :)
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A New Pet Salon in Town...

Today, Emma opened her new pet salon! Harley and Calypso both tried to be the first customers, but were turned away, as she only deals with stuffed animal pets (which I'm sure many other groomers & vets wish they could have that policy!)

Here is the salon. She is standing by the exam table. The waiting room area is on the white blanket on the purple area. The pink table is where she does the grooming and tick checks (hee hee!)

Emma Castro, owner & groomer (notice the cat badge she added to look professional) ;)

The resident cat, Crookshanks, all groomed & gorgeous!
The tray of tools. Bottles for the babies, a hairdryer, and a ribbon.
Another bottle for a baby, a flashlight for tick checks, and food for the guests.
I dropped my bunny, Ogon, off and when I picked her up, I had 3. I guess she had one little bunny, and then another bunny had a baby, but couldn't take care of it, so she was given to my bunny to raise on her own :) The babies were wrapped up all cute in a bag with a bow, like a goody bag :)
My penguins had a baby, and I had a few more pets that were sparkly clean. It was such a cute play sequence, that I let her skip nap today. (I'll regret that later, I'm sure).
Anyway, if you need a good groomer for your stuffed fur babies, I know people....

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Reading Award!!

This morning was the award ceremony for the Stillwater Public Library Summer Reading Program. It was an exciting day for us! We kept forgetting our log sheets when we would go to the library, so when we got there, Evan didn't have enough for an award, but luckily, Emma did. She had 25 hours logged in, and Evan had 10! Good reading/listening, kiddos! ;)

Emma did a fabulous job reading her American Girl Stories at bedtime and reading stories to Evan throughout the day. She has become such a strong and confident reader! We are so proud of your accomplishments, Emma!
Evan was a good little brother and watched the whole ceremony with just a little squirming. ;) He is such a good little guy!
Congratulations on another summer of super reading!!!
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

It was my second year in college, I believe, when I read the first Harry Potter book. It "had me at hello". The next two were read soon after, and ever since, I have been buying on midnight releases and finishing the book within the next 24 hours. There's something about a book that can take you away. I've never read another book like these. I remember at times stopping reading to eat lunch, and feeling as though I was in a less exciting and adventurous world, and wanted to get back to that wizarding world as soon as I could. When JK Rowling ended the series, and people were suicidal over it, I could relate to what they were feeling (though not in such dramatic levels). You can get stuck in a book. In a world. In imagination. The movies are never even close to the grand stories of the books, but it's always a great joy to see what different book elements look like in another person's imagination - only theirs was brought to film.
Last night at midnight, the shows were all sold out, so Emma & i went to the first show this morning at 10. The movie was wonderful, as expected, and the time spent with just Emma is always fun. Here she is in her costume, 2 years later...and still as cute as can be!

Happy spell-casting!

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