Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tee Ball Season Begins & Injury Updates

This morning will kick off the tee-ball season for Emma! Her first game is at 10:30 today. I can't wait to see her play! It's been a little overcast this morning, so hopefully it doesn't get extremely humid once the sun comes out!
I am doing great from my appendix "wounds". They don't hurt anymore except for when I sneeze. I am supposed to go in Monday for a follow up with Dr. brown to check them over. Then, I will hopefully be released to baths & swimming again! (Now that we left a huge jacuzzi tub and pool behind in Branson...)
Emma's eye/cheek are doing okay. The swelling has disappeared, but the bruising has gotten a tad bit darker. Poor thing.
Here is a photo from Emma's camera. She took this in front of John & My gift shop in Branson. :) Too funny.
Coming up this week:
The Tale of Despereaux @ Movie Monday at the Library
Oklahoma Children's Theatre Program at the library
Tee-Ball game @ 7:00pm Tuesday
Tee-Ball Game & Picture Day @ 10:30 Saturday, the 13th

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