Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Silver Dollar City!

Today was Silver Dollar City Day!! We woke up early so we could get there when it opened at 9:30, and amazingly, we made it pretty close to that time! ;)

{Emma waiting in line to enter the park!!}
The highlights of the day consisted of Evan's 1st amusement park ride EVER!, Emma's first "big person" roller coaster ride, and the kids' first funnel cake! (Which they LOVED!){Three of us at the Silver Dollar City Jail!}{Emma's 1st (unkiddie) roller coaster ride! The ThunderaTion!}{Emma came back from the ride all smiles! She LOVED it!}{Evan's 1st ride! The butterfly ride!}{Weeeeee!}{I wasn't sure how Evan felt about the ride in the end, but when we stopped, he cried, which means he LOVED it!}{Emma taking a break after lunch.}{The log ride! Emma, Me, Lauren, Rylee, Amanda, & Arika}{John (very back row on the top) and Arika (hiding her head) on the Wildfire!}John & My self portrait. :)Emma got to "pick a pearl". She chose an oyster, and they opened it up for her.
She got a cream pearl, size 6 1/2 (whatever that means!) She LOVED it, and it will surely be treasured forever.
Emma & Lauren getting "yoked" in front of the shooting ride!

Emma & I riding on the "shooter" game.

We had our funnel cakes & headed home for a short swim before the thunder rolled in. The weather said that there's a 50% chance for rain tomorrow. I'm hoping just a shower or two, because we have lots of fun stuff to do!!

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