Thursday, June 4, 2009

Riding the Ducks!

By the end of Wednesday, it was pretty cool out, and the rain had been playing peek-a-boo on and off, so we decided that it would be a perfect day to Ride the Ducks.
I think that this ended up being Emma's favorite activity over the trip. The "duck" is a vehicle that goes on land and water. We toured downtown Branson and went into Tablerock Lake.

We all got a duck call that we were encouraged to use while quacking along to cheesy songs or talking to other ducks driving by. Emma also got a pink quacker to support breast cancer.

Remember the big dam from the hatchery post? We drove over it in our DUCK. Looking down, here is the picture of the hatchery down below - see all the little grey troughs lined up?

Evan fell asleep soon after we started our tour,a nd didn't wake up until we hit the water. Notice the confusion going on in the back row with Ryan, Lauren, and Arika. So funny.

Once we got into the lake, the driver (Bubba) let all the kids have a turn driving. Here is Emma during her turn!

Emma & Bubba! All the girls got a duck from the gift shop afterwards. Emma and her 2 duck calls plus her duck (named Sparkles) are quacking me up! Hee hee!

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