Monday, June 15, 2009

Papa's Birthday Party

It wasn't officially my dad's birthday yet, but we celebrated Sunday night so that my sister & Levi could make it up to Stillwater. Daddy forced us all to promise that there would be no gifts except for a pair of zori sandals, so we promised, and that's pretty much all he got besides a gourmet meal (hee hee!) and some clay art from Emma. And he was happy. :)

This was fried zucchini from Daddy's garden (it survived the hail!!) and it was absolutely DELICIOUS!! Emma even ate seconds!

When I went to pick out a cake, I saw this peach/blackberry pie and thought that he'd probably like that better than cake! (Erich looks like he may not agree...)

I wore my apron the whole party :(

Evan wasn't sure what all the fuss was about...

Gretchen & Levi

I can't believe that my dad is turning 57 today! It's hard for me (impossible, actually) to imagine a world without Richard Wesley Eberle in it. 58 years ago, the world must have been greyer, sadder, and less creative.

You light up our world, daddy! Happy Birthday!

I love you!

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