Monday, June 8, 2009

A (not so good) First

Last night, I think I got less sleep than when Evan was born! I figured it was his second top tooth breaking through, but nothing helped. I even drove around at 1am and he STILL woke up after about 30 minutes. It was terrible!
Today I took him in to get looked at, since I think all of us have colds anyway. It turned out that he has his first ear infection in his right ear! :( Poor baby. No wonder he couldn't sleep. Now he's on an antibiotic and a couple OTC medicines, plus his breathing treatment again. Ugh.
Today was also John's first day back to work after vacation, and he put in his 2 weeks notice to Ditch Witch. He was nervous about it, but it went really well, and they told him he didn't burn any bridges over there! So that's good news, since there is only so many places in/near Stillwater for engineers! He will be starting at Frontier Engineering on the 22nd. We are so proud :)
Today is also the first real day of summer vacation for the kids & me. Luckily, I had the lack of sleep for everyone on my side, as I am starting them back to their nap schedule (yes, Emma, too!). That way, i can have a little bit of time to do dishes and clean up a little (or write my wonderful blogs! Haha!) before they wake up again.
Today's agenda: "The Tale of Despereaux" at the library and tee-ball practice tonight!
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