Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Heart's A-Flutter!

After the hatchery, we went up the mountain to the Butterfly Palace. Emma was very, very excited to go here! She had been looking forward to it since the day we left Stillwater. We watched a short movie (in 3-D) about the life cycle of a butterfly (and the praying mantis that eventually eats the butterfly). Then, we got to go into the butterfly room. It is a big open room with butterflies fluttering freely around the greenery and walls. Emma with a butterfly tummy! :)Evan & Daddy on a butterfly bench inside the butterfly room.Here are a few of the butterflies I was quick (and lucky) enough to catch on camera!This blue one was my favorite!Emma with a *real* butterfly clip! Which, actually, is the blue one from above with its wings closed. Evan doesn't seem too impressed at the butterflies. They weren't dancing or furry and didn't make funny noises, so I guess they were off the cool list ;)This was the entrance to the rainforest mirror maze. It was dark and confusing, and Emma learned the hard way (and when i say "hard" - I mean, so hard that you fall flat on your back kind of hard) that you can't run full speed in a mirror maze because you see your friends just ahead. Ouch. Here she is, one ice-pack and a bruised ego - and eye - later. Poor thing. It swelled up like a biscuit!Evan on my favorite red-eyed tree frog :)
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