Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hail Storm!

Hi everyone! In case you were wondering...and a few of you have...the hail storm DID hit our part of Stillwater Friday morning. It sounded like there were roofers on our house banging hammers, and we had hail bigger than golf balls falling outside. I didn't let Emma go grab one in fear of DHS coming to take Evan after Emma ended up in the hospital due to hail trauma, so I didn't get a photo, but they were BIG. My car was in the garage, and John's was further west about 3 miles away, where the hail wasn't as bad, so it wasn't damaged. I heard on OSU campus several cars were missing windows, etc. from the huge hail. Daddy's truck got a couple dents, but nothing huge. Thank goodness! And my brother (who lives about a mile & a half south of us) said that his and my big brother's cars were fine as well. (Which was good, since Erich has a sunroof!)
It lasted about an hour, and then we were off to the city in sunshine and humidity :) but more of that, later!
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