Saturday, June 20, 2009

Family Fun Night #1 : Drive-In Movie!

Last Wednesday was "Family Fun Night" at our church. The theme was "drive-in movie". We were confused at first on how that was going to take place, seeing as how we don't exactly have a 100 foot screen in our parking lot, but it ended up that everyone got boxes and supplies to make their own "car". We watched "Bolt" on a jumbo screen (and two littler screens) in the front entrance of our church. It was really fun! We invited Gavin's family, and of course Lauren's family was there, too!

We picked up McDonalds on the way for dinner & the kids ate while we finished setting up our troves of supplies...except Evan, who looks pretty mad that he can't have a kids meal just yet! (Why IS it that the littler people are, the bigger amount of "stuff" they have to have?...)

The kids got their "box" cars!

Emma & Gavin each got one...
...and the little guys shared a box car.
Finishing up the flames on Emma's hot rod.
Here are the cars at the start of the movie! By the end of the show, the kids were off playing on the playground with lightsticks and bottles of bubbles and other treasures they were given. It was mostly adults left as the credits rolled and we all packed up & went home for a night of good sleep!

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