Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eskimos & Bubble Baths!

Today marked the completion of my appendix surgery. I went to Dr. baker, who did my surgery, and he said that I healed up great, and am clear to get back to normal living, including swimming & bubble baths! Yay! (Although I guess I had already been living "normal life" the day I got out of the hospital!)
Afterwards, I rushed over to Eskimo Joes to catch up with Emma, who was doing a photo shoot for their summer catalog. If you visit their website here, you can see on the right side of the page a sign-up for email & catalog mailings. I'm assuming you'll probably receive the summer catalog soon, since it was featuring the July 4th shirts.
They told her that they will be calling again for the "Back to School" catalog shoot in August, too! Her payment: a free basic EJ tee. Can you guess what color she chose?
While I was there, I picked up Evan's first Joe's tee in blue. (To match his first Bass Pro tee!) What a time for tees! In fact, I actually spent a looong time this morning on a design for Evan's birthday tee. I had seen a similar design online, but I refuse to pay $30 for a tee shirt he'll wear for a few hours! so I designed a similar one that I'll have to print up for the big day!
Anyway, we had a good day! Hope yours was, too!

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