Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bunnies & Pugs...Overheard

On our way to Branson, Lauren rode with us in the car. The following conversation occured after seeing the many magic show billboards go by:

Lauren: I want to be a magic hat girl that does magic.
Emma: Then I will be your bunny that you pull out.
Lauren: Well, actually, you can be my kitty.
Emma: No, you can't pull a CAT out of a magic hat! That's not's just.....CRAZY!
Lauren: Okay. You can be the bunny. But you can be TWO bunnies!
Emma: Well....okay.

Yesterday, we had pulled over in a parking lot to look at the baby pugs someone had for sale. Gavin & Emma each held one, and were sad that we weren't taking one home. As we drove off, we heard the following from our back seat...

Emma: I wish we could get a baby pug.

Gavin: Me too.

*silence for a minute or so*

Gavin: HEY! If I get a baby girl pug, then if I have a baby pug, I will give you one and you don't have to pay!

Emma: Okay!

Gavin: And if I get TWO baby pugs, I will give you TWO, and if I get THREE baby pugs, I will give you THREE!!

Emma: Okay!

*and then the discussion turned to the movie playing. Ahh, to have short attention spans..*

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