Thursday, June 4, 2009

'57 Heaven Museum

The 57 Heaven Museum is a huge collection of 1957 cars. They were all restored and absolutely gorgeous. I don't know if any of you remember or know that there was a 1957 car buried in Tulsa that year and it was opened up in 2007, only to the disappointment of the crowd since it's capsule had leaked water and the car was in ruin. Its twin was here in this museum (and was actually brought to Tulsa for the grand unveiling). Emma has become a serious photographer now with her own camera. Here she is taking one of 110 photos this day.One of the dozens of cars in the museum.This one had a record player in the dash!Now, I like cars alright (and trust me, I have photos of most of them), but I guess in 1957, there was a lot of pink fans like me! They had this set-up of a home in the 1957 era and it had a pink kitchen & bathroom! Wow! And I thought MY kitchen had a lot of pink! Love it!Even a pink table! Amazing!Pink sink & toilet!
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