Monday, June 29, 2009

11 Months!

Evan turned 11 months yesterday! Can you believe it?? In 27 days, he will be celebrating a whole year of life! (minus the womb!)
He weighs in at 23 pounds, and stands 29 inches tall. He has 4 teeth, and is crawling like an indy 500 racer! His hand/eye coordination has grown a BUNCH since last month, and he loves playing with his jungle playland (Thanks again, Granma Joyce!) now that he can put the balls down the slide on his own! All the baby gates are up around the house again. Harley is confused and probably having flashbacks of when Emma started moving around! He has also started "dancing" to music he likes. He'll be on hands & knees and bounce forward & back. SO cute!
We love you, Evan! Congratulations on another month of life!

Flashback: Emma at 11 months! What a cutie!

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