Saturday, May 16, 2009

Opening Night!

Last night was opening night for Emma's recital! She danced wonderfully!! Thanks to a friend of ours, we scored 3 tickets for the show (ours are for Sunday night), so my dad, baby brother, and sister got to watch the big night! (Thank you, Li family!)
As usual, it was chaos backstage, with costume changes and make-up touch-ups, but we survived! While we were dancing away, the big storm had moved in, and decided to pour rain (and flash floods) all over town. My friend, Amanda, had the good idea to bring in our umbrellas, because even though we parked only about 20 feet from the door, we were drenched up to our knees!! I can't imagine what my dad must have looked like by the time he got to his truck with no umbrella! The streets looked like small rivers, and we looked like we had gone swimming! :) However, as Murphy's Law goes, it was a mere drizzle as we pulled into the garage! ;) I am convinced that I am a decendant of Murphy's! :)
So, off to a birthday party and a few hours of relaxation before tomorrow's show!

p.s. Evan hasn't been as....vocal? as he was yesterday, thank goodness! I hope the teeth will break through soon!!

Erich, Daddy, & Gretchen came to watch the show!! Hope you enjoyed it!

Audrey, Emma Li, Emma, Lauren, & Claire ready for jazz!

Waiting backstage to go on!

Em & Audrey goofing around. I love this silly picture! :)

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