Friday, May 15, 2009

My Super Daisy!!

Well, yesterday was a busy day for Emma! It started off with Super Kids Day at school. The 5th graders each have a "booth" set up with some kind of activity, and the kindergarteners got to visit each booth (getting a stamp at each one) and do the activity. When you finish, you earn your ribbon. Here's Emma's journey...Emma & Lauren at the "photo booth"
This was a race to see who could fill their cup the fastest using a sponge with water (the water buckets are at the other end)

Ring toss!

This was a funny one! You had to grab 5 objects (marbles or lures) with your toes and put them in your cup. Emma got 12 before the time was up! LOL!

Turtle toss (notice the blurred turtle flying above...)

Chicken sit ups. They had to pass the chicken back & forth while doing sit ups. (I would have failed this one)

Emma & her friend Cooper. She says she'll date him when she's finally 16. Ha ha!

Jumping hurdles


Taking a much deserved break with popcicles

Arm wrestling!

Mini golf

Sword fighting - winner tagged the other's leg. It was a tie. Only these two...

Wheelie race - one of Em's favorite, and mine as a kid, too.

Crab walk race. John taught her this early on. Never thought it'd pay off...

Climbing the rock wall!

It wasn't here when I was a kid - had to include another pic!

Tah Dah!! The girls with their ribbons and poor Gavin, who was not thrilled to be surrounded by two posing divas.

Emma running through the 5th graders tunnel to get her certificate.
The End!
Then, that evening was her last Daisy scout meeting. She earned 8 badges total.
1. Learning about the founder of girl scouts
2. Swimming Class
3. Considerate & caring
4. couageous & strong
5. respecting herself & others
6. respecting authority (what?? How'd she earn that one??) ;)
7. Use resources wisely
8. Make the world a better place
9. being a sister to every girl scout
10. I can't remember...
Lauren, Emma, & Bailey

Badges 1 & 2

Her certificate for earning the other 7 (#8 was earned at the meeting)
In other news, poor Evan is getting his front teeth in, and is having a TERRIBLE time with it. Worse than the first 2. He woke up at 3 this morning screaming, and hasnt stopped yet! He wont eat or drink, and Ive given him everything I could find to help. Ugh. I hope they break through soon!!


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