Saturday, May 30, 2009

Loss & Gain of body parts...

Last night, as my appendix was coming out, Evan's front tooth came in! (His left)
My little 2 toother is no more! Congratulations, Evan! May the chewing begin! :)
I am now home from the hospital, laying in bed, trying to recover enough to get up and about. There is a small amount of CO2 that they left in my body that needs to be absorbed - by walking. Until then, I have sharp pain in my shoulder. The scars aren't so bad. 3 little holes, one hurting more than the other 2 - that must be the one they pulled the appendix out of! I have to walk like a little old lady hunched over, but I am doing relatively well. I still plan on going to Branson tomorrow, even if it means just sitting in the cottage all day. I just want to see my kids have a blast with their daddy!
Wish me luck!

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