Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Weekend!!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! And perfect weather (if not too hot!) for the event! As you know, we had a busy few days last week, and we are just getting ready for a relaxing evening!
Thursday was Emma's end of the school year book signing party and last day of school! Her teacher had made each one a memory book full of pictures and notes from throughout the year, and they each signed each others. It was bittersweet for the kids, knowing some were moving and such, but the fun of summer vacation looming in the distance was just enough to keep them smiling and ready to go!

Emma & Bailey with their memory books

Their cake! The class picture from the zoo field trip was on it! The kids thought it was great fun to "eat" each other!

Emma & her "blue group" pals - Bryce, Drew, Brendan, & Bailey

Mmmm! Punch!

Emma & Bryce

Me & my big girl!

Emma & her teacher, Mrs. Hagan

Emma & the infamous Cooper...

Her teacher aide, Mrs. Kleinholtz
Friday was a nice, relaxing day. Evan has begun to crawl a couple times, but would rather be picked up & carried everywhere! He is really loving the water, so I know he'll do great in his swim lessons!

Evan in cawling position!!

Swinging her school days away!
Saturday was the "Wonder Wheel-A-Thon". There were stations set up around a walking trail that went along Boomer Lake. All the kids were on wheels (strollers, bikes, skates, wagons...) and each station was set up with an activity that taught them about wheels, motion, and other scientific wonders. With the heat and a baby brother, we didn't make it to all the stations, but it was still fun! :)Em & her scooter.
Little geese were eating & not minding all the kiddos on wheels!
Emma decided to ride her scooter at the last minute & left her bike at home. (She regretted that decision later...)
The boys & Emma :)
This little turtle didn't make it. I was so sad :(

Afterwards, we headed up to Tada & Abuela's house in Barnsdall, OK. (Home of the only main street oil well!). John and his brother & sister were all meeting up for a camping trip together. His cousin, Jo, and her family also joined us from Texas. It was nice to see all the cousins together!Emma the morning after a long camping night!Emma's "Tada" and "Abuela". They own & operate a screen printing company, and decided to make an event tee for the Castro Camping Trip '09. Emma designed this year's tee, which had 14 little people (one with a beard!) and a camping van. So cute!The back of the tees has their logo on it - Five Feathers Tees. Here's Tada & Abuela with their 5 grandkids and a grand nephew!
Emma relaxing in the pool! Daddy & Evan
The whole crew!
Me, Joey (John's brother), & Brite
Evan, John, Tada, Brite III, Cole, Abuela, Laura (John's sister) & baby Melia, Emma, Jo (John's cousin) & baby Drake, Chris
Emma in the flowers. Her Auntie Laura had a picture like this when she was small :) This evening, we set up our pool for Emma. She was anxious to swim again after playing in the pool at Tada's house! Hopefully soon the water wont be freeing so we can all enjoy it! :)

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