Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Guess Who's Crawling?!?

It's Evan!! He has been moving his knees a couple times the past few days, but today, he did his first real crawl! I'm in for a whole new exercise regimen as soon as he starts getting around fast! It doesn't seem that long ago that I took down the baby gates and edge cushions, and here we are, time to put them back up!

Emma has been saving her money, and finally got enough for her own camera. The other one she has from Uncle Alex had a set number of pictures, which our little photog filled up in seconds, so this one has a memory card! Just in time for our drive up to Branson! Since my battery was low, she took all the photos of her uncle Erich's birthday party yesterday! Soon, I bet I'll even be in a couple of our family photos! :) Hee hee!

Tonight is Emma's first tee-ball practice of the season. She'll be coached by the same coaches from her last year team, so she's pretty excited! Well, that and the fact that she got to pick out a new bat & cleats! (Thanks, Granma Joyce!) Her colors this year are black & white. I think they're deciding on the team name tonight. Tomorrow is my last class of Sign & Sing for the semester. Emma is excited that she gets to go and help out. I am also doing my first photo shoot for a family portrait sitting. (So far, Ive just done kids & maternity!) Hopefully, it will turn out okay! Then we leave for Branson this weekend! Emma has been anxiously awaiting this trip. We got our Silver Dollar City tickets from AAA today in the mail, which made her all the more squeally! :) Priceless.

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