Saturday, May 30, 2009

By the Way...

Some iphone pictures just making it onto the scene... Evan in Daddy's watch while I am hospitalized - he wore his shirt to help out dadddy. (Nursing Baby : Yes, No - No with a photo of a man breastfeeding his baby!) Hee hee! Thanks, mom!
Emma & I in my hospital bed (aren't I looking great!?)

In the emergency room, watching Grease to pass the 7 hours until surgery.

Love is... sending text message updates to family while your wife is whining in pain and still randomly singing along with Grease in off tones. ♥

Playing in the doctor's exam room for his 9 month well check (and probably getting un-well by doing so...)

He thought this was so fun!

My friend, Nikki at her going-away party. Her husband left coaching at OSU for Auburn. Boo.

School ended, and library storytime began again. She's between the girl in white (Teresa) and the girl in pink (Bailey).

Emma getting her split ends cut off before vacation. She wanted her hair cut in a "beauty salon", so I had to find one that actually said that on the sign. Little girls. *sigh*

Anyway, I am feeling better as each hour goes by. I actually walked upright tonight! I think the relaxing all day today and tomorrow will do wonders for me & my new belly buttons! :)

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