Saturday, May 2, 2009

9 Months Old!

On the 28th, our little guy turned 9 months old! Can you believe it?! This month he has started to pull himself up on things and move around on his tummy. He started eating "3 Foods" and small table foods. Although the top teeth had caused a LOT of drooling this past month, he still has just the bottom two! (SUCH a cute smile!!) If you had a link to our baby monitor, you'd hear lots of babbling and squealing :) He is a constant talker when he's not busy observing things. Having a boy is a lot different than a girl. He is so much more into spinning wheels and moving parts and just watching things move. (Emma was more into moving herself and watching the world pass by in a blur!) He loved the pool and could stay in the bath for hours if he could! He now weighs 22 pounds and is 29 inches tall. (Tall, dark & handsome!). He wears 12/18 month clothes now, and his feet are already in a size 4 shoe!! Thank goodness for summer, since he can wear open toe shoes that hopefully will fit a little longer! ;) His bedtime is around 9:00 and he sleeps until John gets up for work at 5:30ish. He'll also take 2 long naps during the day, as long as we're home, even though unfortunately, we aren't so often :(
He continues to brighten our days with his two-toothed smile and squeally laugh. An absolute blessing! :)

Emma has been busy with school and other activities. The spring brings a lot more events outdoors and playdates! Whew! Her ballet & jazz dance recital is coming up soon! Picture day was last weekend. You can view them at : and click on Encore! Dance Pictures, then find Emma's name.
She recently went to a friend's house after school and enjoyed a "tea" party with her and another friend. Even though it's been raining for days straight, Thursday was a break in the storm and she and her friend Gavin decided to ride their scooters to school. It didn't seem to affect them, but I was pooped afterwards! (Of course, I had to walk back home, too...)
Overall, we've been having a lot of fun in the warmer weather. Wishing you all the best!

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