Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day One: Branson

This evening was settling in! We unpacked all our stuff, relaxed a little, and went out to eat & get groceries. Emma posing out front of the cottage before dinner.
We ate at the Uptown Cafe tonight. It was one of the only places open here on a Saturday night! Crazy. You'd think in an entertainment city...
Posing with the Uptown cafe Taxi - a Harvey J - I think.

From Left to Right:
Amanda, Rylee, Arika & Evan, Lauren, & Emma

Tomorrow: Swimming, Riding the "Ducks", Outlet mall, & The Wax Museum...

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Our Cottage!

This is the fountain in front of our cottage! So cute to see all the kids playing around the statue of kids playing!
John took this picture of me :)

Evan & I

Here is the cottage we are staying at! :) It's gorgeous!

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On Our Way...

We have made it to Hollister, Missouri, where we will be staying for the next few days. It is beautiful here!! Our cottage - which is not the cottage I had in mind - is beautiful, and right by the river, so we can fish right out the door!
The drive here wasn't too bad. Evan was a little restless but slept a big part of the way, and Emma had her friend with us, so they kept pretty busy. My appendix wounds seem to be healing well, and didn't bother me too much.
The drive up the hills to Missouri!Emma & Lauren (and Evan's toes!)We stopped at the McDonalds over the highway for lunch! Evan's Road! :)
More to come later!! Busy busy!

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

By the Way...

Some iphone pictures just making it onto the scene... Evan in Daddy's watch while I am hospitalized - he wore his shirt to help out dadddy. (Nursing Baby : Yes, No - No with a photo of a man breastfeeding his baby!) Hee hee! Thanks, mom!
Emma & I in my hospital bed (aren't I looking great!?)

In the emergency room, watching Grease to pass the 7 hours until surgery.

Love is... sending text message updates to family while your wife is whining in pain and still randomly singing along with Grease in off tones. ♥

Playing in the doctor's exam room for his 9 month well check (and probably getting un-well by doing so...)

He thought this was so fun!

My friend, Nikki at her going-away party. Her husband left coaching at OSU for Auburn. Boo.

School ended, and library storytime began again. She's between the girl in white (Teresa) and the girl in pink (Bailey).

Emma getting her split ends cut off before vacation. She wanted her hair cut in a "beauty salon", so I had to find one that actually said that on the sign. Little girls. *sigh*

Anyway, I am feeling better as each hour goes by. I actually walked upright tonight! I think the relaxing all day today and tomorrow will do wonders for me & my new belly buttons! :)

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Loss & Gain of body parts...

Last night, as my appendix was coming out, Evan's front tooth came in! (His left)
My little 2 toother is no more! Congratulations, Evan! May the chewing begin! :)
I am now home from the hospital, laying in bed, trying to recover enough to get up and about. There is a small amount of CO2 that they left in my body that needs to be absorbed - by walking. Until then, I have sharp pain in my shoulder. The scars aren't so bad. 3 little holes, one hurting more than the other 2 - that must be the one they pulled the appendix out of! I have to walk like a little old lady hunched over, but I am doing relatively well. I still plan on going to Branson tomorrow, even if it means just sitting in the cottage all day. I just want to see my kids have a blast with their daddy!
Wish me luck!

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Greetings from the ER!

Well, here I am! For all ofyou who dont know, I went in to the ER yesterday afternoon for terrible stomach pain. Turned out that my appendix was not happy, and needed to move on out! So finally, at about 9pm (I was waiting since 1:30), I was admitted into surgery and an hour later I was recovering in my room up here on the 5th floor.
I'm still in pain, but doing well, and still hoping to go on our vacation tomorrow to Branson! (Cross your fingers!)
I'll keep you updated!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Batter Up!

Emma had her first tee ball practice Tuesday night! She was so excited! The thrill of a new pink bat & cleats were the highlight of her day! :)
Her coach (by request) is the same couple that coached her last year - the Dominiks. In fact - I think their team photo is on an old posting...
Anyway, she was already improved on last year, maybe the bat was magical? :) I hope she stays excited & encouraged throughout the season - it always gets a little tough once the Oklahoma summer heat kicks in!
First game : June 6th at 10:30am!

Hey batter! Batter swing!

3rd baseman

Daddy & Evan taking a break while watching!

Good catch!

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10 Months & 2 Teeth :D

Still got just 2 teeth!!

Today marks 10 months since baby Evan has blessed us all with his birth! And I cannot even begin to describe how truly blessed I feel. I never knew I would love to see his cute pouty face crying, or fake cries. I never knew how he would snuggle just right, like a puzzle piece, in my neck when he was tired. I never thought that I would be singing songs about poo again or making bottles at 2am, but I love it. I love the ups and downs, the hard & the easy. It all means he's here with us, one more day, hour, minute, second. I love this little boy more than I ever thought I could. We all do.
Today we went for his 9 month checkup - even though its a month late...
He weighed in at 21 pounds, 10 ounces with just a diaper on. That ranks him at about 60% compared to his peers. He stands (kinda) at 30 inches tall, which is at about 80%. In case anyone is planning on buying him a custom fitted hat, his head measures 18 3/4 inches around, and had one (Hib) vaccine. His new found crawling talent has reaked havoc on our photography shoots. He has absolutely no intrest in sitting still, so this was as good as it gets! He's so funny.
Gotta love that smile!

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Sea Monkeys & Mermaids...

...aren't the only water creatures around these days! I had 3 lovely little swimmers in my pool ALL DAY today! Emma had her friends Lauren & Emma Li over for fun in the sun! Between the park, lunch, doctor visits, and haircuts, they were in the water swimming! I gave them the camera and here's what I got back...I took this one before handing it over :)
Emma in her itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini
A toothless Emma Li!
Emma again looking particularly mermaidish :)and, Lauren, who I was surprised to have a shot of, since it seemed as though she was holding tight the title of photographer :)
Good times for the friends!
Countdown to Branson... 2 days!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Guess Who's Crawling?!?

It's Evan!! He has been moving his knees a couple times the past few days, but today, he did his first real crawl! I'm in for a whole new exercise regimen as soon as he starts getting around fast! It doesn't seem that long ago that I took down the baby gates and edge cushions, and here we are, time to put them back up!

Emma has been saving her money, and finally got enough for her own camera. The other one she has from Uncle Alex had a set number of pictures, which our little photog filled up in seconds, so this one has a memory card! Just in time for our drive up to Branson! Since my battery was low, she took all the photos of her uncle Erich's birthday party yesterday! Soon, I bet I'll even be in a couple of our family photos! :) Hee hee!

Tonight is Emma's first tee-ball practice of the season. She'll be coached by the same coaches from her last year team, so she's pretty excited! Well, that and the fact that she got to pick out a new bat & cleats! (Thanks, Granma Joyce!) Her colors this year are black & white. I think they're deciding on the team name tonight. Tomorrow is my last class of Sign & Sing for the semester. Emma is excited that she gets to go and help out. I am also doing my first photo shoot for a family portrait sitting. (So far, Ive just done kids & maternity!) Hopefully, it will turn out okay! Then we leave for Branson this weekend! Emma has been anxiously awaiting this trip. We got our Silver Dollar City tickets from AAA today in the mail, which made her all the more squeally! :) Priceless.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Weekend!!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! And perfect weather (if not too hot!) for the event! As you know, we had a busy few days last week, and we are just getting ready for a relaxing evening!
Thursday was Emma's end of the school year book signing party and last day of school! Her teacher had made each one a memory book full of pictures and notes from throughout the year, and they each signed each others. It was bittersweet for the kids, knowing some were moving and such, but the fun of summer vacation looming in the distance was just enough to keep them smiling and ready to go!

Emma & Bailey with their memory books

Their cake! The class picture from the zoo field trip was on it! The kids thought it was great fun to "eat" each other!

Emma & her "blue group" pals - Bryce, Drew, Brendan, & Bailey

Mmmm! Punch!

Emma & Bryce

Me & my big girl!

Emma & her teacher, Mrs. Hagan

Emma & the infamous Cooper...

Her teacher aide, Mrs. Kleinholtz
Friday was a nice, relaxing day. Evan has begun to crawl a couple times, but would rather be picked up & carried everywhere! He is really loving the water, so I know he'll do great in his swim lessons!

Evan in cawling position!!

Swinging her school days away!
Saturday was the "Wonder Wheel-A-Thon". There were stations set up around a walking trail that went along Boomer Lake. All the kids were on wheels (strollers, bikes, skates, wagons...) and each station was set up with an activity that taught them about wheels, motion, and other scientific wonders. With the heat and a baby brother, we didn't make it to all the stations, but it was still fun! :)Em & her scooter.
Little geese were eating & not minding all the kiddos on wheels!
Emma decided to ride her scooter at the last minute & left her bike at home. (She regretted that decision later...)
The boys & Emma :)
This little turtle didn't make it. I was so sad :(

Afterwards, we headed up to Tada & Abuela's house in Barnsdall, OK. (Home of the only main street oil well!). John and his brother & sister were all meeting up for a camping trip together. His cousin, Jo, and her family also joined us from Texas. It was nice to see all the cousins together!Emma the morning after a long camping night!Emma's "Tada" and "Abuela". They own & operate a screen printing company, and decided to make an event tee for the Castro Camping Trip '09. Emma designed this year's tee, which had 14 little people (one with a beard!) and a camping van. So cute!The back of the tees has their logo on it - Five Feathers Tees. Here's Tada & Abuela with their 5 grandkids and a grand nephew!
Emma relaxing in the pool! Daddy & Evan
The whole crew!
Me, Joey (John's brother), & Brite
Evan, John, Tada, Brite III, Cole, Abuela, Laura (John's sister) & baby Melia, Emma, Jo (John's cousin) & baby Drake, Chris
Emma in the flowers. Her Auntie Laura had a picture like this when she was small :) This evening, we set up our pool for Emma. She was anxious to swim again after playing in the pool at Tada's house! Hopefully soon the water wont be freeing so we can all enjoy it! :)

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