Thursday, April 23, 2009

Football, flowers, & backyard fun!!

Spring has sprung, and finally the weather has, too! Its been a wonderful week so far! The first flowers in my garden have bloomed, being the snapdragons from last year. I guess they decided to seed into the border bricks outside the garden walls (rebels!), so I had to replant them in pots. Hopefull, they make it! My green thumb isn't so green...
Orangey-pink snapdragons! Who said my 2 favorite colors can't go together?!? ;)

Speaking of orange, the Cowboys had their orange & white scrimmage the other day. We went and it was SO crowded, even with the big storm rolling in! Emma can't miss an opportunity to see her favorite player, "Quarterback Zack".
We left at half time, since the kiddos were getting restless and everyone's tummies were, too! We had pizza & called it a night!
Yesterday we had a little get together at our house with a couple families we adore :) John grilled burgers, I made pasta salad, and the others brought dessert and chips. It was a blast! I had filled up the little pool that morning so it had all day to warm up a few degrees. The girls all had a blast! (There were 6!)
This morning, as I was cleaning up the aftermath, I decided to take a rest on my swing under the tree. It was the first time in a long time I'd really looked at the pretty green leaves :) It was nice.
The view from my swing looking up :)

When Evan woke up, I filled his little froggie pool up with warm water from the tub and let him play. It was soooo cute! He learned how to splash!! Crocodile tail, anyone? :)

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