Monday, March 16, 2009

A Ghostly Visit...

Today marks the first official day of Emma's Spring Break. It was WONDERFUL weather outside (Emma says thanks to Eli), and so we decided to pack a picnic lunch and head out for a day of history. At first we were planning on going to a ranch in a town nearby, but we discovered it was closed on Mondays. SO, we decided to go see the nearby "ghost town" of Ingalls, OK, where Bill Doolyn (The Doolyn Gang) had a home with his wife & child. There was an old remnant town strip composed of a general store, a hotel, some stables, and a saloon. Unfortunately, the keepers of the "town" had let it go pretty bad, and it was not only run down, but trashed out as well. I guess the 150 people that live there decided to use it as a free dump, so you had to wade through a bunch of junk to see it all. Boo. I think it drove the ghosts away. :)

The old Hotel, with Emma digging through the "treasures" of free junk.

Free iron, anyone?? The rest of the treasures were equally wonderful...

Here's the saloon on the far left and the stables (with free ironing boards) on the right.

Emma in front of the old General Store, with her share of free crap from the hotel. :)This was a building in the middle of town. I have no idea what it was, but people were still living all around it. No wonder it was a ghost town. The neighbors can't keep their houses up!The next stop was up the highway a bit to Yale, OK. A friend & I did student teaching there, it was just as crappy 10 years ago, but they've added a Dollar General. Here I am at the town square Statue of Liberty. Notice the lovely Christmas Lights! Emma refused to let me photograph her by the statue because she "creeps me out!!". Who knew you could visit the statue of liberty in the middle of nowhere...

In Yale was the home of Olympic Hero Jim Thorpe. He had bought that house for his first wife & son. It was also closed on Mondays, but amazingly, the tour guide pulled in and offered us a tour. It was really neat because unlike most historic homes, his wife actually had come back in the 80's and helped them renovate it back to its original state, including wallcoverings, some furniture, and even bedding.

Emma & my mom in front of the house (on the left). On the right was a cabin that was used to recreate the birthplace of Jim Thorpe. In reality, it was moved here from the VERY FIRST homestead in Payne County.

Afterwards, we travelled back to Stillwater and stopped by Theta Pond on OSU's campus. Its always nice on breaks when the students aren't meandering around.

Emma sits in the Student Union Gardens. The union itself is behind her. (Along with the classroom building)

Here's baby Evan in a planter by the pond. He thought it was great fun that he could play with his crocs without effort!

Hee hee! So cute!

My cutie with a blue-coconut slush mouth fom Sonic!

A more formal family photo was taken, but this one sums up our family perfectly. ♥

I can't wait to see what spontaneous trips the rest of the week takes us on!


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