Monday, March 9, 2009

Derby Car Race!

This weekend was Emma's 1st pinewood derby race! She worked hard on her car, which didn't end up winning at the race, but it was really special to her & her daddy, who had a really fun time making it!
It started out looking like a block
They went to Papa's workshop to use the woodworking tools to make the shape - Emma chose a hot dog hot rod!

Daddy sanding down some rough spots

Emma double checking...

Sanding down the final touchesAdding the clearcoat to the hot rod hot dog
Awaiting the race to start! (With her car behind her)

3-2-1!! And they're off!!

It was a really cute race with all the little girls there. And a lot of cute cars (one was my favorite red-eyed tree frog!). It was a project they'll always have together.

Coming up... John & My birthday pics!


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