Tuesday, March 31, 2009

8 is Grrrrrrrreat!!

Can you believe Evan is already 8 months old?!? Geez. It just amazes me how big he is getting. He weighs in at 21 1/2 pounds and 29 inches tall. He is babbling and squealing, and of course laughing a TON! He's not interested in moving just yet, he'd rather look at you with big puppy eyes and hope you pick him up to move him. :) Hee hee.
Emma got her report card last week and of course, came away with all +'s :)
The teacher says she's a HUGE help to her, especially when dealing with center time, Emma helps other classmates that can't read the directions.
She gave Emma a list of sight words and she went right up to 3rd grade. An amazing reader. We all expect great things from that little self-learner!

I have been absolutely swamped these past few weeks! It seems like I can't catch my own breath! I hope you all are having a happy spring!!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fishing & Fishies!

Wednesday & Thursday this week continued Emma's Spring Break, and with the great weather, we weren't staying home!!
Wednesday evening, Emma & I went fishing out at Papa's house with some friends. We dusted off our poles and headed out! Emma's baby pole was too small for her, but her casting had gotten so much better, I couldn't believe it! She didn't catch anything this time, but I caught a few bass and our friends caught quite a few fish - one big enough to break Ryan's pole! (Emma thinks it was her catfish, Pinkie.) I definately need to re-string all our poles before we go again!
Casting out...

Reeling in!

Thursday I had a doctor's appointment, but right afterwards, we left with some friends to go to the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks. Emma had a free admission ticket from having a good tooth checkup at her dentist's. When we got there, the line to get in was extremely long, but we ventured in anyways. Bad choice. It was so crowded that we couldn't really see everything well, and Evan's stroller wasn't helping at all. Luckily, we had been there several times, and not much has changed besides the addition of the otters, so it was okay. The good thing is that Evan won't remember this as his first trip - a bunch of kneecaps isn't the best aquarium experience one could have...but he loved watching the sharks and rays swim!!

Emma, Evan, & Lauren with the OK Aquarium Shark!

Evan watching the rays swim by!

In the shark tunnel.

Emmie <3

Watching Nemo (who hid right when I took the picture!)

Little Happy Boy!


More ray watching

Every year, we took a photo of Emma sitting here. :)
Today is Saturday, and the first Saturday we've had in almost a year that we are home to relax and stay at home. It's crazy!! I'm sad to see Spring Break end, but we had a lot of fun on a dime! :)


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Green with...happy!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I hope you didn't get pinched!! ;) We had a fun day here at our house! Early in the morning, I got the kiddos up and went to eat at Eskimo Joe's for breakfast. Every year they serve green eggs & ham, and we were hungry!!

The three of us at Joes - Evan is thinking mommy & sis are a little crazy!!

Evan and his good luck tattoo :)

The famous green eggs & ham
The eggs were REALLY green, and Emma said that they were better than the green eggs at school (gee, I hope they were supposed to be green...). Then, off we went! My sister (auntie Pickle) lives about 45 minutes away in Edmond. She had invited Emma up to go to the Build-A-Bear Workshop to pick out an animal. She got a bunny, and named her Rainbow.

Auntie "Pickle" at Bulid-A-Bear with Emma & Rainbow

Afterwards, we went to the park by her house and did some swinging in the sunshine :)

For dinner, I made green mashed potatoes & salad, and John grilled chicken breasts. The family came over and we all enjoyed the end of a perfectly beautiful green day :)

John in his green :)

And of course, Harley! Evan & Papa on the swing Emma & Uncle "Brock" swinging

Photobucket "

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Monday, March 16, 2009

A Ghostly Visit...

Today marks the first official day of Emma's Spring Break. It was WONDERFUL weather outside (Emma says thanks to Eli), and so we decided to pack a picnic lunch and head out for a day of history. At first we were planning on going to a ranch in a town nearby, but we discovered it was closed on Mondays. SO, we decided to go see the nearby "ghost town" of Ingalls, OK, where Bill Doolyn (The Doolyn Gang) had a home with his wife & child. There was an old remnant town strip composed of a general store, a hotel, some stables, and a saloon. Unfortunately, the keepers of the "town" had let it go pretty bad, and it was not only run down, but trashed out as well. I guess the 150 people that live there decided to use it as a free dump, so you had to wade through a bunch of junk to see it all. Boo. I think it drove the ghosts away. :)

The old Hotel, with Emma digging through the "treasures" of free junk.

Free iron, anyone?? The rest of the treasures were equally wonderful...

Here's the saloon on the far left and the stables (with free ironing boards) on the right.

Emma in front of the old General Store, with her share of free crap from the hotel. :)This was a building in the middle of town. I have no idea what it was, but people were still living all around it. No wonder it was a ghost town. The neighbors can't keep their houses up!The next stop was up the highway a bit to Yale, OK. A friend & I did student teaching there, it was just as crappy 10 years ago, but they've added a Dollar General. Here I am at the town square Statue of Liberty. Notice the lovely Christmas Lights! Emma refused to let me photograph her by the statue because she "creeps me out!!". Who knew you could visit the statue of liberty in the middle of nowhere...

In Yale was the home of Olympic Hero Jim Thorpe. He had bought that house for his first wife & son. It was also closed on Mondays, but amazingly, the tour guide pulled in and offered us a tour. It was really neat because unlike most historic homes, his wife actually had come back in the 80's and helped them renovate it back to its original state, including wallcoverings, some furniture, and even bedding.

Emma & my mom in front of the house (on the left). On the right was a cabin that was used to recreate the birthplace of Jim Thorpe. In reality, it was moved here from the VERY FIRST homestead in Payne County.

Afterwards, we travelled back to Stillwater and stopped by Theta Pond on OSU's campus. Its always nice on breaks when the students aren't meandering around.

Emma sits in the Student Union Gardens. The union itself is behind her. (Along with the classroom building)

Here's baby Evan in a planter by the pond. He thought it was great fun that he could play with his crocs without effort!

Hee hee! So cute!

My cutie with a blue-coconut slush mouth fom Sonic!

A more formal family photo was taken, but this one sums up our family perfectly. ♥

I can't wait to see what spontaneous trips the rest of the week takes us on!


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Monday, March 9, 2009

Derby Car Race!

This weekend was Emma's 1st pinewood derby race! She worked hard on her car, which didn't end up winning at the race, but it was really special to her & her daddy, who had a really fun time making it!
It started out looking like a block
They went to Papa's workshop to use the woodworking tools to make the shape - Emma chose a hot dog hot rod!

Daddy sanding down some rough spots

Emma double checking...

Sanding down the final touchesAdding the clearcoat to the hot rod hot dog
Awaiting the race to start! (With her car behind her)

3-2-1!! And they're off!!

It was a really cute race with all the little girls there. And a lot of cute cars (one was my favorite red-eyed tree frog!). It was a project they'll always have together.

Coming up... John & My birthday pics!


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Monday, March 2, 2009

Wagons, Woo-Hoo's, and Wails!


Emma got a new wagon for her birthday from Uncle Joey. It has nice, big, real tires for pulling around things out at Papa's house. Of course the first ones to try it out were the uglies, followed shortly by Evan. Uncle Joey had it set up as a surprise when she got home and her favorite Babo was pulling the crew!

The riders all crammed inside!
Evan and the Uglies


Evan is 7 Months old already! Can you believe it?!?! Over half a year! It's hard to think that it has been so long since that little guy brightened our lives! He is 20 pounds and 29 inches long. (You have to be 20 pounds to sit forward-facing in the car! But, we'll be waiting for another few months for that...)


Unfortunately, Evan took a turn for the worst yesterday and started wheezing. Last night was terrible. He was up and down constantly all night fighting his coughing and Emma was up until around 2 with earaches. Needless to say, I was EXHAUSTED today! Anyway, I took Evan to the doctor (AGAIN) and she prescribed him a bunch of meds and still has no concrete idea what exactly is wrong. This time, she thinks it's just a string of viruses that are leading to wheezing - thus early stages of asthma. He is on 4 medications now. A steroid twice a day for 3 days, a decongestant every 4 hours along with a breathing treatment, and a different breathing treatment every day for the next 3 months. We had to buy a nebulizer machine and everything! Poor kid. I hate to see him feel so sick. :( Emma made a quick recovery and is ready for school tomorrow. Go figure. My mom helped out so I could try to relax and take a nap, but it was short-lived. There IS no relaxing in our household! :( But I am so thankful she was here! A quick look at the two sickies in bed...

Anyway, so ends another day in the Castro Zoo! Hopefully tomorrow will go better than today! :) Goodnight!


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