Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We're Alive!!!

WELL, for all of you who were concerned, yes, we survived the round of tornados! They went by us, but never touched down, which Stillwater seems to be pretty lucky in that department. We are lucky enough to have a neighbor across the street with a tornado shelter, so we were safe if anything would have happened.

I was actually going through our tornado preparedness kit, making sure everything was still inside (which it all wasn't) when the sirens sounded. Emma was REALLY scared, so we just grabbed our things and ran. John was at work still, so I threw bicycle helmets on the kids and Joey (John's brother) and I, and we grabbed the dogs and ran. I think our neighbor was a little surprised to see a huge dog at the door, but she allowed us in and we sat there with her and her student (she teaches piano). So, we had 4 adults, a kid, a baby, and 2 dogs in an 8x8 cell that began to stink REALLY fast with wet dog! ALL in all, it was an experience that we can chalk up to "one day youre gonna laugh" category.

Evan is doing well with his medicines. He takes the breathing treatments really well. I feel so sad for him to be so small and be on so many medications! :( BUT, at least they are temporary!!

Evan & his breathing treatments (complete with dinosaur mask!)

Emma & her piece of hail. This was post-tornado shelter. Her clothes were SOAKED after running across the street in the torrential rains! (Which is why the robe is on).

Last saturday we were at Papa's house planting trees. He planted about 2000 last year, and this batch was 500. Since I was pretty much out of comission, I wasn't much use. Joey has a bad back, so he wasn't much use either, and Brock just didn't want to get down & dirty, so the 3 of us plus kids tried to keep busy while the trees were going up.

Uncle Brock carved this heart shaped stone for Emma. She sleeps with it by her bed :)

The seats in our van flip out like this, so I drove the kiddos around the land. They LOVED it!

Niecey & Emma <3>Emma was pretending to be an archaeologist. Reminded me of the days back when I was small and my brother, Alex was going to be an archaaeologist or palientologist .

ANyway, so there is an update on the birthday wish list - Emma is getting QUITE a fedw Junie B Jones books, so you can cross those off the list. I think she'll have enough books in her library to keep her busy for awhile :)
I am working on plans for an Ugly doll cake. Her favorite is Babo, which is good, because he's relatively an easy shape to do. (Wedgehead would have been easier, but...) So, we will see how it turns out :)
Off to give and take meds now! :) Have a great night!!
♥ Heidi

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