Sunday, February 8, 2009

Time to catch up on the Castro dramas!!! :)

Remember that tiny little girl that pretty much lived with us while we were in California? You know, the one that's in all our family portraits & vacation photos? Well that little girl, Niecey, is all grown up now! Just like Emma! It's so strange (and sad!) to see her so tall and mature! She came for a visit this past week (she has made an annual trip out every year so far!) , and it was so fun! Emma & Niecey took off right where they left off. The only minus? The sickness!!
All of us got sick over the week. The kids mostly got runny noses, nasty coughs, and sore throats, while I got all of the above as well as some nice bonus features - nausea, headaches, and other unmentionable symptoms. As usual, John sailed through with a sore throat. Psh.
Although the sickness had us all pretty homebound and lethargic, we managed to make it to the zoo for a final hoorah before Niecey left.

The two at the Tulsa Zoo :)

Niecey on the tiger (or as she called it - the "tigress")

Not sure why Emma looked so nervous - I think it was an urgently needed potty break...

Emma & her tortise :)

Some other big news for February...John's brother came down this week to stay for a little while - the (soon to be ex) wife got the house, so we squeezed him onto Evan's nursery floor, and hopefully soon he'll be living it up in his own bachelor pad!

We took advantage of one of the fallish weather evenings to light up the firepit and roast hot dogs. The girls thought it was great!

I have been feeling so ill, so I apologize for not keeping the news up! Yikes! We will soon be celebrating Emma's SIXTH!!! birthday! Can you believe it?? It is just flying by! Her birthday falls on a Friday, which is when she's inviting her friends to come home with her after school for a party. That evening when it quiets down, we'll celebrate with our close family & friends. We had to avoid the expensive party this year, so cross your fingers that only a few friends can make it into our tiny house!! :D
And before you ask, here's the list of things she's wanting this year:

Ugly dolls ----> I think we have this one covered!...
Rainbow Fairies (Book Series) -----> Got a few!
Littlest Pet Shops -----> Got some!
Junie B Jones (Books)
The Tinkerbell Movie
She also has a "wishlist" on It has more items, but she has limited internet access time, so I think it was an evening of online shopping :) However, if you have millions in this time of economic hardship, she has found this : that she can't seem to live without. (And on that note, I'll take a new Lexus... ;)
Next weekend is an extiting event - my mom is coming back to visit us! (Hip hip hooray!). She'll be staying for a couple weeks before heading back to Cali, but what a great birthday present for Emma & me!!
Anyway, Emma's tummy troubles started today, so we'll just hope they end overnight, otherwise it'll be a looooong week again..
Oh my gosh, folks! Ain't he a cutie?!?

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