Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's finally Here!!!

Evan got his first tooth!!! Can you believe it?!? After months (and I mean MONTHS) of teething, his tiny little chomper erupted today! Hooray! And so ends breastfeeding... haha
I know you can't really see it, but there are two tiny little white caps just right of the center of his bottom gum. So cute! ♥

Some news that missed the press earlier...

A Kindergarten Visit Fom Papa...

Emma was studying wood at school, and volunteered her Papa to come talk to her class, since he knew everything about wood. SO, it was all scheduled. He came and talked about different things he had built out of wood and all the different kinds of wood. He even showed the class pictures of his wood house with Emma to compare the size of logs. The kids listened well, and were really interested in the wooden toys that he had made. Emma was swelling with pride :)

Rockin' Out!!

Recently, STillwater hosted a "Men's Expo", where they showcased all things man, like speakers, trucks, camping, and hunting....and video games. They had a Rockband contest (a video game that lets you play the instruments & sing) and John & Erich entered as the band "Sangre Ridge". They did GREAT and won 2nd Place! Woo hoo! All that practicing paid off! (Not sure if thats a good thing or not...) ;)

Today was cookie delivery day. I was moving boxes of cookies off pallets for 3 hours today (even though I only volunteered for 2...) and we'll be picking up our share to deliver this week. Yum!

Evan & I are still coughing our heads off, but I think we're slowly making a recovery. Whatever we got, it is a NASTY cold!! I can't until we get back to normal again. With life moving so chaotic-ly recently, it's been hard on us all. With an extra person in the house (and an extra huge dog) for awhile, it's put us all a little off track, and add in a birthday, sickness, and another birthday plus a double birthday just around the bend, we'll be in chaos for awhile!! (But mostly good!)

Well, off to bed! Have a wonderful week!

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