Friday, February 27, 2009

In Bloom

The daffodils are in bloom!! Oklahoma has its ways of tricking the cute little flowers with warm weather before the last freeze hits, so they all have come up & bloomed - and today is below freezing! :( Poor things. Yesterday was almost 80 degrees, so I took a few pictures of Evan with the flowers before they froze! He treated them very carefully.

We are still suffering from congestion. I think we've tried every medicine available with no avail. Grr. It must be some freaky kind of allergy!

Emma's school had their "Book Fair" yesterday. I went to shop with her class, and she got a couple new chapter books to add to her ever-growing collection, as well as a book for the classroom. She has become really excited about reading, which is really great!

Evan has found a new favorite toy. Yesterday at Walgreens, he found a clucking, dancing chicken Easter toy that made him absolutely crack up! (Which was why he was smiIing so big in the pictures!) I never could get the video of him laughing to my clucking to post. :(

He went to the doctor yesterday and checked out fine besides the congestion & cough (I was worried about phnemonia or something). I just can't wait until the poor guy can sleep again!! With the two of us in one room, coughing all night, I'm surprised John gets ANY sleep!

I have been attempting to call our cookie lady to get the cookies for distribution, but she never calls me back, so keep being patient!! We'll get them soon!

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