Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Here's hoping that you had a wonderful day, no matter how you did or didn't celebrate :) !! We had a nice time! Starting last Thursday, Emma had her school party. She brought back several cute Valentines from all her friends, along with enough candy to cause diabetes! That night was her Daisy Scout Pin Ceremony. It was really cute to see her up there, getting her pin & being so proud :)Here's the girls, all lined up, ready to start the ceremony.

After the ceremony, I forced them all to take a group photo. (Yes, apparently I'm THAT mom...)

Friday, Emma didn't have school, so she got to spend the day playing outside with Uncle Joey and helping out around the house. That evening was the Daddy & Daughter Dance. Last year she had SO much fun, that she has been asking about it ever since then. I took pictures of them in the same place as last year :)

Daddy surprised her with roses :)

So this morning was the big day! John & I woke up early and got everything ready. He was cooking the pink pancakes and I was setting the table and mixing the pink milk. Yummy!Cooking with his red apron! Hee hee.

Pink milk & Pancakes :)

Every year, we get Emma a few little toys in lieu of a lot of candy (she gets enough from everyone else!). This year was especially fun since there was a new little cupid in our family to make up a bucket for. :)

Emma's Valentine Bucket.

Evan's Valentine Bucket!A Happy 1st Valentine's Day!! Card from Grammie!

Unfortunately, our Valentines were too small for post offices to deliver, so we recieved them all back in our mailbox :( Boo.

We went to eat a lunch/dinner (Is that the techincal definition of 'supper'?) at around 4, before the crowds came out, so we had a nice quiet dinner together. Evan brought his Abima doll and Emma brought one of her dolls.

Evan & Abima

Emma & her ballet dancer

Yes, I do!!

My boys :)
Like most evenings, it ended up with a trip to WalMart. I needed to get food for Evan and there was no better time! It was pretty quiet except for a few men rushing around grabbing flowers and chocolates. John & his brother, Joey stayed home with the kids and played video games. It was a fun day!

Tomorrow we will be picking up Grammie from the airport. We are really excited!! I think she will be surprised at how big Evan has gotten!

Today he was playing with some "Thomas the Train" cars and they had farm animals in them. I was making the animal sounds for him, and he *LOVED* the chicken sound! He would just crack up every time I did it. Hopefully, I have figured out how to upload this video of it, and you can see it below - priceless! If not, I guess I'll try another day!!


Love, Heidi

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