Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday, Emma!

Happy 6th Birthday, Emma!!

I can't believe that it's been 6 years since this sweet little girl has blessed our lives! Time sure flies! It doesn't seem that long ago that we were rushing to the hospital to have her. (Click on the title link to view her birth photo & sign her guestbook!)

At school this afternoon, I brought some cupcakes & punch to her class. She got to sit in Ms. Hagan's rocking chair while the class sang Happy Birthday (Cha cha cha) to her. Cute! :)

All day I had been working on her party. Especially the cake. I guess that since the Ugly Dolls aren't quite yet at their peak of fans, they haven't made any partyware for them, so I had to do what I could, even the cake. Her favorite Ugly is named Babo. SO, I made a Babo cake. It started out looking horrible since it stuck to the pan and ripped up, but I have found that enough frosting can cover anything (which now solves the questions we all have about the women who cake on make-up), and it turned out pretty cute. :) AND, I also learned how to make black icing! Woo hoo!
Babo Cake!
(Homemade) Ugly Gift Bags!
All Emma's Uglies came out to paaaaarrrrty!!

We played a few party games while we waited on the pizzas to bake, which included an Emma quiz, a drawing contest, and a guess-how-tall-Emma-is-now game. We also made a spanking machine, even though she somehow crawls too fast for us!! :)

Spankin' Machine!!

Her friend, Gavin came by with flowers for her (awww!), and wished her a happy birthday. They have been in school together 2 years now.

When it was finally time for her to blow out the candles, she was surprised by the cake (she hadn't seen it yet), and loved it! (YAY!!)

Happy Birthday, little punkin. We love you!
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