Friday, February 27, 2009

In Bloom

The daffodils are in bloom!! Oklahoma has its ways of tricking the cute little flowers with warm weather before the last freeze hits, so they all have come up & bloomed - and today is below freezing! :( Poor things. Yesterday was almost 80 degrees, so I took a few pictures of Evan with the flowers before they froze! He treated them very carefully.

We are still suffering from congestion. I think we've tried every medicine available with no avail. Grr. It must be some freaky kind of allergy!

Emma's school had their "Book Fair" yesterday. I went to shop with her class, and she got a couple new chapter books to add to her ever-growing collection, as well as a book for the classroom. She has become really excited about reading, which is really great!

Evan has found a new favorite toy. Yesterday at Walgreens, he found a clucking, dancing chicken Easter toy that made him absolutely crack up! (Which was why he was smiIing so big in the pictures!) I never could get the video of him laughing to my clucking to post. :(

He went to the doctor yesterday and checked out fine besides the congestion & cough (I was worried about phnemonia or something). I just can't wait until the poor guy can sleep again!! With the two of us in one room, coughing all night, I'm surprised John gets ANY sleep!

I have been attempting to call our cookie lady to get the cookies for distribution, but she never calls me back, so keep being patient!! We'll get them soon!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's finally Here!!!

Evan got his first tooth!!! Can you believe it?!? After months (and I mean MONTHS) of teething, his tiny little chomper erupted today! Hooray! And so ends breastfeeding... haha
I know you can't really see it, but there are two tiny little white caps just right of the center of his bottom gum. So cute! ♥

Some news that missed the press earlier...

A Kindergarten Visit Fom Papa...

Emma was studying wood at school, and volunteered her Papa to come talk to her class, since he knew everything about wood. SO, it was all scheduled. He came and talked about different things he had built out of wood and all the different kinds of wood. He even showed the class pictures of his wood house with Emma to compare the size of logs. The kids listened well, and were really interested in the wooden toys that he had made. Emma was swelling with pride :)

Rockin' Out!!

Recently, STillwater hosted a "Men's Expo", where they showcased all things man, like speakers, trucks, camping, and hunting....and video games. They had a Rockband contest (a video game that lets you play the instruments & sing) and John & Erich entered as the band "Sangre Ridge". They did GREAT and won 2nd Place! Woo hoo! All that practicing paid off! (Not sure if thats a good thing or not...) ;)

Today was cookie delivery day. I was moving boxes of cookies off pallets for 3 hours today (even though I only volunteered for 2...) and we'll be picking up our share to deliver this week. Yum!

Evan & I are still coughing our heads off, but I think we're slowly making a recovery. Whatever we got, it is a NASTY cold!! I can't until we get back to normal again. With life moving so chaotic-ly recently, it's been hard on us all. With an extra person in the house (and an extra huge dog) for awhile, it's put us all a little off track, and add in a birthday, sickness, and another birthday plus a double birthday just around the bend, we'll be in chaos for awhile!! (But mostly good!)

Well, off to bed! Have a wonderful week!

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Evan's 6 Month Photos

We took Evan to get his 6 month old photos taken. They finally came in!


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Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday, Emma!

Happy 6th Birthday, Emma!!

I can't believe that it's been 6 years since this sweet little girl has blessed our lives! Time sure flies! It doesn't seem that long ago that we were rushing to the hospital to have her. (Click on the title link to view her birth photo & sign her guestbook!)

At school this afternoon, I brought some cupcakes & punch to her class. She got to sit in Ms. Hagan's rocking chair while the class sang Happy Birthday (Cha cha cha) to her. Cute! :)

All day I had been working on her party. Especially the cake. I guess that since the Ugly Dolls aren't quite yet at their peak of fans, they haven't made any partyware for them, so I had to do what I could, even the cake. Her favorite Ugly is named Babo. SO, I made a Babo cake. It started out looking horrible since it stuck to the pan and ripped up, but I have found that enough frosting can cover anything (which now solves the questions we all have about the women who cake on make-up), and it turned out pretty cute. :) AND, I also learned how to make black icing! Woo hoo!
Babo Cake!
(Homemade) Ugly Gift Bags!
All Emma's Uglies came out to paaaaarrrrty!!

We played a few party games while we waited on the pizzas to bake, which included an Emma quiz, a drawing contest, and a guess-how-tall-Emma-is-now game. We also made a spanking machine, even though she somehow crawls too fast for us!! :)

Spankin' Machine!!

Her friend, Gavin came by with flowers for her (awww!), and wished her a happy birthday. They have been in school together 2 years now.

When it was finally time for her to blow out the candles, she was surprised by the cake (she hadn't seen it yet), and loved it! (YAY!!)

Happy Birthday, little punkin. We love you!
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Here's hoping that you had a wonderful day, no matter how you did or didn't celebrate :) !! We had a nice time! Starting last Thursday, Emma had her school party. She brought back several cute Valentines from all her friends, along with enough candy to cause diabetes! That night was her Daisy Scout Pin Ceremony. It was really cute to see her up there, getting her pin & being so proud :)Here's the girls, all lined up, ready to start the ceremony.

After the ceremony, I forced them all to take a group photo. (Yes, apparently I'm THAT mom...)

Friday, Emma didn't have school, so she got to spend the day playing outside with Uncle Joey and helping out around the house. That evening was the Daddy & Daughter Dance. Last year she had SO much fun, that she has been asking about it ever since then. I took pictures of them in the same place as last year :)

Daddy surprised her with roses :)

So this morning was the big day! John & I woke up early and got everything ready. He was cooking the pink pancakes and I was setting the table and mixing the pink milk. Yummy!Cooking with his red apron! Hee hee.

Pink milk & Pancakes :)

Every year, we get Emma a few little toys in lieu of a lot of candy (she gets enough from everyone else!). This year was especially fun since there was a new little cupid in our family to make up a bucket for. :)

Emma's Valentine Bucket.

Evan's Valentine Bucket!A Happy 1st Valentine's Day!! Card from Grammie!

Unfortunately, our Valentines were too small for post offices to deliver, so we recieved them all back in our mailbox :( Boo.

We went to eat a lunch/dinner (Is that the techincal definition of 'supper'?) at around 4, before the crowds came out, so we had a nice quiet dinner together. Evan brought his Abima doll and Emma brought one of her dolls.

Evan & Abima

Emma & her ballet dancer

Yes, I do!!

My boys :)
Like most evenings, it ended up with a trip to WalMart. I needed to get food for Evan and there was no better time! It was pretty quiet except for a few men rushing around grabbing flowers and chocolates. John & his brother, Joey stayed home with the kids and played video games. It was a fun day!

Tomorrow we will be picking up Grammie from the airport. We are really excited!! I think she will be surprised at how big Evan has gotten!

Today he was playing with some "Thomas the Train" cars and they had farm animals in them. I was making the animal sounds for him, and he *LOVED* the chicken sound! He would just crack up every time I did it. Hopefully, I have figured out how to upload this video of it, and you can see it below - priceless! If not, I guess I'll try another day!!


Love, Heidi

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We're Alive!!!

WELL, for all of you who were concerned, yes, we survived the round of tornados! They went by us, but never touched down, which Stillwater seems to be pretty lucky in that department. We are lucky enough to have a neighbor across the street with a tornado shelter, so we were safe if anything would have happened.

I was actually going through our tornado preparedness kit, making sure everything was still inside (which it all wasn't) when the sirens sounded. Emma was REALLY scared, so we just grabbed our things and ran. John was at work still, so I threw bicycle helmets on the kids and Joey (John's brother) and I, and we grabbed the dogs and ran. I think our neighbor was a little surprised to see a huge dog at the door, but she allowed us in and we sat there with her and her student (she teaches piano). So, we had 4 adults, a kid, a baby, and 2 dogs in an 8x8 cell that began to stink REALLY fast with wet dog! ALL in all, it was an experience that we can chalk up to "one day youre gonna laugh" category.

Evan is doing well with his medicines. He takes the breathing treatments really well. I feel so sad for him to be so small and be on so many medications! :( BUT, at least they are temporary!!

Evan & his breathing treatments (complete with dinosaur mask!)

Emma & her piece of hail. This was post-tornado shelter. Her clothes were SOAKED after running across the street in the torrential rains! (Which is why the robe is on).

Last saturday we were at Papa's house planting trees. He planted about 2000 last year, and this batch was 500. Since I was pretty much out of comission, I wasn't much use. Joey has a bad back, so he wasn't much use either, and Brock just didn't want to get down & dirty, so the 3 of us plus kids tried to keep busy while the trees were going up.

Uncle Brock carved this heart shaped stone for Emma. She sleeps with it by her bed :)

The seats in our van flip out like this, so I drove the kiddos around the land. They LOVED it!

Niecey & Emma <3>Emma was pretending to be an archaeologist. Reminded me of the days back when I was small and my brother, Alex was going to be an archaaeologist or palientologist .

ANyway, so there is an update on the birthday wish list - Emma is getting QUITE a fedw Junie B Jones books, so you can cross those off the list. I think she'll have enough books in her library to keep her busy for awhile :)
I am working on plans for an Ugly doll cake. Her favorite is Babo, which is good, because he's relatively an easy shape to do. (Wedgehead would have been easier, but...) So, we will see how it turns out :)
Off to give and take meds now! :) Have a great night!!
♥ Heidi

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Time to catch up on the Castro dramas!!! :)

Remember that tiny little girl that pretty much lived with us while we were in California? You know, the one that's in all our family portraits & vacation photos? Well that little girl, Niecey, is all grown up now! Just like Emma! It's so strange (and sad!) to see her so tall and mature! She came for a visit this past week (she has made an annual trip out every year so far!) , and it was so fun! Emma & Niecey took off right where they left off. The only minus? The sickness!!
All of us got sick over the week. The kids mostly got runny noses, nasty coughs, and sore throats, while I got all of the above as well as some nice bonus features - nausea, headaches, and other unmentionable symptoms. As usual, John sailed through with a sore throat. Psh.
Although the sickness had us all pretty homebound and lethargic, we managed to make it to the zoo for a final hoorah before Niecey left.

The two at the Tulsa Zoo :)

Niecey on the tiger (or as she called it - the "tigress")

Not sure why Emma looked so nervous - I think it was an urgently needed potty break...

Emma & her tortise :)

Some other big news for February...John's brother came down this week to stay for a little while - the (soon to be ex) wife got the house, so we squeezed him onto Evan's nursery floor, and hopefully soon he'll be living it up in his own bachelor pad!

We took advantage of one of the fallish weather evenings to light up the firepit and roast hot dogs. The girls thought it was great!

I have been feeling so ill, so I apologize for not keeping the news up! Yikes! We will soon be celebrating Emma's SIXTH!!! birthday! Can you believe it?? It is just flying by! Her birthday falls on a Friday, which is when she's inviting her friends to come home with her after school for a party. That evening when it quiets down, we'll celebrate with our close family & friends. We had to avoid the expensive party this year, so cross your fingers that only a few friends can make it into our tiny house!! :D
And before you ask, here's the list of things she's wanting this year:

Ugly dolls ----> I think we have this one covered!...
Rainbow Fairies (Book Series) -----> Got a few!
Littlest Pet Shops -----> Got some!
Junie B Jones (Books)
The Tinkerbell Movie
She also has a "wishlist" on It has more items, but she has limited internet access time, so I think it was an evening of online shopping :) However, if you have millions in this time of economic hardship, she has found this : that she can't seem to live without. (And on that note, I'll take a new Lexus... ;)
Next weekend is an extiting event - my mom is coming back to visit us! (Hip hip hooray!). She'll be staying for a couple weeks before heading back to Cali, but what a great birthday present for Emma & me!!
Anyway, Emma's tummy troubles started today, so we'll just hope they end overnight, otherwise it'll be a looooong week again..
Oh my gosh, folks! Ain't he a cutie?!?

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