Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year, New Fun!

Whew! I can't believe it's already half way through January! I haven't even *gulp* sent out thank you notes, AND I even have a couple gifts still ungiven!! So horrible! This organizational guru has officially retired & become the forgetful lady next door :( Boooo. I have found myself busier than normal, I guess just trying to get everything back to "normal" after the break. Emma headed back to school last week, and kindermusik started this week. I'm already looking forward to the 3 day weekend! Between trying to stick to a new (and MUCH tighter) budget, and get everything ready for taxes, money is definately NOT my friend right now, and makes me envious of those saggy breasted naked people in tribes that just trade shells for food and stuff. Of course, who knows, maybe then I'd hate end of the year shell taxes or something. Still...can't you just eat some more clams and at the same time, make more money?? Hmm.
Anyway, along with a new year comes new events in our household! Evan has begun sitting up on his own (still wobbly, but working on it!) And just yesterday, he was holding himself up with his arms on his tummy. He's growing so big, I can't believe it.

Sitting up!

I had to buy a new carseat because he's too heavy to carry around in the baby carrier anymore!! My denial of his growth has caused the carseat install to stall, but my arm is feeling so bad lately that I will give in soon, I'm sure!

Another exciting event (that JUST happened!) is that Emma lost tooth #2! It came out while brushing her teeth. So funny. She's THRILLED, of course. Another membership fee paid to the lost tooth club at scchool. :)

My mom bought this tooth keeper for Emma before she was even born!

Tooth #2!

One of the most exciting events here was a visit from Uncle Kurt! He was here over Christmas break, but was mostly working at the AF Base in Oklahoma CIty. He spent his last few days in town here, and Emma & John loved playing Rockband with him & Uncle Brock. Then he was off to L.A. to visit my mom & brother before returning back to Japan.
Uncle Kurt checking in to the airport

The Christmas toys are still being played with daily, and just yesterday, a new group of Ugly Dolls arrived for Emma, which she was exstatic about. The Uglies have become her second family, and with 3 sizes, they are either a parent, a child, or a baby. She has ALL kinds of stories about them (which I'm sure the Ugly creators would LOVE to hear!!). My Uncle Roy is the guilty party sending them over. He has a love for them as well, and has since caused Emma's to grow. She is wondering when Gruncle Roy will build "Uglyland" - a spinoff of Disneyland, only replacing the characters and rides with Uglies and rides through the Ugly Towns. So funny, and yet... I would TOTALLY go!!
Emma & her uglies!

Evan is in love with everything. The only thing that ever stops his sweet smile is sleep or teething! That little boy absolutely is a blessing.
Anyway, I will soon be back to writing more often, but until then...take care!! :)

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