Monday, December 8, 2008

Tis The Season...

...for Christmas (yay!) and colds (boo!) Last week was the annual Christmas Light Parade. I have always kept Emma out of the parades because I think she would have more fun watching them, but this year she wanted to join in, so off she went. (She's getting so big!!!) She joined her girl scout troop and luckily, they got to ride inside a public transit bus with the heater on (it was soooo cold outside!!)
Evan getting bundled up for the parade!
Emma dressed in her Daisy uniform for the parade!

She's on the far left with the red jacket! Peeking out the door!

Evan & I watching the parade from our trunk! Brrr!
The parade was really cute, and it is always wonderful to see the lights and hear the bands playing Christmas songs. Emma was thrilled to be in the parade, although she wished it was lighter out so she could see all her friends outside the bus!
Saturday brought fun & sadness. We had to take my mom back to the airport in Oklahoma City, so we met up with my sister and then she went to the airport. Emma was very sad, but she was happy to hear that Grammie might be back for her birthday later on. After she went through security, we were off to the mall to see Santa. They both did really well. I'm not exactly sure what Emma & Santa talked about, but afterwards, he told me that I had a VERY bright daughter and that she was so thoughtful and wonderful, and he hoped that we would keep raising her that way. Well, I guess Santa's going to have to really deliver after THAT speech! She always makes us proud. :)

The kids & Santa
Saturday night, Emma's friend, Lauren stayed over night! (Remember, they had tried before, and couldnt quite behave with each other) So, Emma had a very successful sleep over! The girls had a lot of fun and behaved really well. I, on the other hand, woke up Sunday morning with a serious case of the stomach bug. For some reason, when I get sick, my entire body decides to go into drama queen mode, and I can't even walk around without falling over, so I was bedridden. John was left with the baby, who has a stuffy nose (which makes him really fussy since he can't breathe!) and the girls on his own. Emma went to her friends house, but then came home later after slamming her finger in the door, so she was screaming, Evan was screaming, I was immobile, and he was left with it all. I bet he was SOOO ready to go back to his quiet cubicle this morning! :D
I feel a little sore and tired this morning, but the bug must have been a 24 hour thing, because the tummy aches are gone. Thank goodness.
Anyway, off to start the day! Have a great week!

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