Monday, December 15, 2008

My Last Blog of Wisdom...

Tomorrow is the day. My 4 wisdom teeth are coming out. The top 2 are already out and straight, so they'll be easy (or so I've heard), but the bottom 2 are coming in sideways under the gums. They won't be as easy. Apparently they are going to cut the tooth up in pieces to be able to remove them. One is close to the nerve, so if I come out of it talking like Sty Stallone, you'll know why. Sigh. The good news is that they'll be putting me under for this. Whew. Probably luckier for them! I am NOT a dental person. Anyway, wish me luck. I'll be travelling to Edmond in the morning for my 11:00 surgery. Should be out by 11:45, but probably not completely conscious until much later. Try Wednesday. Ha!
Yesterday at our church was "Jingle Jam". It's a dancing singing type show done by the tweens & teens of the congregation about Christmas and such. It was actually pretty enjoyable. Emma really liked it, and we got to drag my baby brother along, so that always makes it a fun time!

Here's Erich awaiting the show! :D
Another thing that happened Sunday was that Evan's precious blankie - you've all seen it - the orange one with giraffe trim- went missing!! I didn't remember seeing it when we got into church so we thought it must have fallen out when we went to go in. SO, last night I drove around the parking lot in the sleeting rain looking for blankie - picturing it cryng out for help in the freezing cold! Poor thing! Alas, it was nowhere. The church was empty, but I left post its on a few of the doors and sadly went home. Then last night I had a nightmare about Blankie. It closely resembled the blanket from "The Brave Little Toaster" and it was sad and crying out in the snow all alone. The church never called. What a sad day. But then, John called and said he had called to check on it, and they had found it!! So off we went in the (windchill -1) degree weather and brought blankie home safe and sound. whew. Christmas is saved :)
Anyway, Evan is growing up so fast. He has moved from cereal to prunes to applesauce. (And he prefers them in that order, backwards). He is moving his legs like a frog on a treadmill (Or what I assume it would look like) when he lays on his tummy, so the crawling should be coming somewhat soon. Time to get out all the childproofing! Ugh. He has pretty much mastered using his hands to grab things with control now. His favorite is to grab my hair. :) You'd be surprised how much pain you can endure when you see that little guy's smile. It's like getting your hair yanked out one by one is a massage from heaven! Ha ha!
Surrounded by toys...and Calypso

Now that I can grab things, Mommy makes me practice a lot!!
Well, the weather has cooled off quite a bit now. It went from 70 to 40 in just a couple hours yesterday, but that's Oklahoma for you! We picked my older brother up from the airport Saturday evening when it was nice and warm, and by the time he left Sunday evening, it was sleeting and freezing! Amazing. Emma tells me that winter doesn't start until the 22nd. I don't know if thats true or not, but she's usually pretty right on with that kind of thing, so I believe her anyway. :)
Well, off to bed I go. No food tomorrow until after the surgery, so I've been eating my weight in chips and milk. I think I'll be so hungry by the time I wake up, I'll be eating with no teeth! ANyway, wish me luck!

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