Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'll Drink to That!!

Today Evan had not only his first taste of apple juice, but had it out of a sippy cup! He has been having problems being "regular", so I decided that now was as good of a time as any to introduce one of nature's best baby regulators :) Although he was a little shocked by the taste, he did well drinking and holding his cup. He didn't drink much, but tonight he had a nice big poo and is already in bed! :)
(And won't he love reading all this as an adult one day!!! Haha!) The cruelty of moms...
It's been nice having both kids home all day, although definately different for all of us! Evan is having to deal with napping while there's a little more noise in the background, but LOVES watching his big sis doing all the things she does. Emma is probably having the toughest adjustment. Having to be quiet during Evan's naps is definately an area for improvement. She is slowly learning to entertain herself, as there is no TV allowed during the day after the early morning Sesame Street and Word World have ended. Her constant complaining of "I'm boooooored" have begun to change into small bursts of playing with toys long forgotten. It's good for her, and it's so cute for me to hear the little voices of each of the 7 dwarfs according to their names. Grumpy is grumpy, happy is cheery, and Doc seemed a little confused, but then just started talking about everyone's illnesses. Ha ha! So cute. She is taking naps in the afternoons, which I'm not sure she does at school, but needs to. It's been fun for her to be with her brother all day.
For me, it's been a little more challenging, just reminding Emma to be quiter, or remembering to make lunch at a different time than normal so she can eat on her school schedule. Dinner is usually later these days, just due to entertaining the kids, but John doesn't mind, as he gets a few minutes of kiddo time in before we eat. Evan is absolutely a daddy's boy. The minute he hears John's voice, he's done with mommy, and is looking around for dad. I can picture him following behind John everywhere he goes. Cute.
The weather is still really cold. When the wind comes sweepin' down the plains it usually hangs out a little over or under 0 degrees. We've had one ice storm already (the day my teeth got yanked), and another on its way. Emma is hoping for a white Christmas, which it doesn't look like will happen, but I'm sure the snow is packing its bags for a visit soon!
Yesterday John surprised me with a visit from the Chimey Sweeper, so we can FINALLY have our Christmas fire! (I think the last time we had a fire on Christmas in our house was the one before Emma was born!!) Last year, John's TV was in front of the fireplace, so we didn't do it then, either. SO, I'm excited for a warm cozy fire, some hot cocoa, warm slippers, and snuggles with my family :)
As a child, my Christmas memories always included the electric train going around the tree. My brothers and I would build tunnels out of blocks and presents for the train to go through. We'd put a green and red light through a block with a hole in it, to switch out a go or stop light. I remember watching that train go around and around. I could have laid there forever, eye level with the train, dreaming of what it would look like if I were that small. We'd always have a big roaring fire in the family room that Daddy made. I'd watch him put the little logs on, then light the bottom with rolled up newspaper, and add the big logs once they caught fire. We'd sit with our backs to the fire and see how long we could sit there before our backs felt like they were cooked all the way through. Daddy would poke the logs every now and then with the poker with the owl on the end. He was the bravest man alive! To tame that fire! So, now, years later, my kids have a battery powered train circling the tree, and FINALLY a cozy Christmas fire. Best of all, maybe some fond memories to have later on.
ANYWAY, now that I've babbled on and on about that, I had better get Emma heading in the bed direction. Have a good night!

Emma & Lauren riding the saddle at Rib Crib! The 2 have been inseperable lately! :)

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