Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye, 2008!

It's a funny thing, the end of the year. You pretty much can't remember anything but the holidays, and find it sort of a marker of "Christmas is over - time to start saving for next!". It takes a conscious effort to really reflect on a whole year, and what its brought and taken. In 2008, I was barely pregnant with Evan. Emma turned 5. We got a new TV and lost a gazebo. We gained a child, and filled up part of an empty hole in our hearts. Emma started Kindergarten - rode a bus for the first time. She experienced her first real snowfall in Oklahoma. We've made many new friends, and still long to see our old ones. 2008 was a year of renewal. New beginnings and chances. New experiences and people. Sure, some doors must close to open new ones, and things must go bad so we will see the good, but it will be sad to see it go. Hopefully, 2009 will bring just as many good things as this year to us and to all of you! Last year, we did the burning of our effergies. (Burning a list or paper-made item with all our bad habits and such on them). Although I don't think I did very well at keeping my resolution, since I can't even remember what it was, I think we'll do it again this year, just to keep tradition alive. (Probably Jan. 1st, though, since we'll be at a friends house all night)!

Anyway, my Christmas present from John finally arrived, and it is a wonderful camera that I have had my eye on for awhile. I'm still figuring out the settings and such, but I took a few pictures out at Daddy's cabin just to play around with it. In January I'll be taking a couple classes aimed at using this particular camera, so hopefully my pictures will get better! :)

Evan laughing at Daddy's kisses <3 align="center">
The kids sitting in the grass, watching the wind. (Shoulda used my sun blocker..grrr)
My beautiful family :)
Evan turned 5 months old already! Can you believe it?? He is now 17 1/2 pounds and 26 inches tall. His eyes are getting a little more brown, but still have blue mixed in. He's absolutely GORGEOUS and a WONDERFUL baby. He started sleeping through the night already and loves to laugh and smile. He is eating baby food at dinner time. Among the favorites are sweet potatoes and apples.

I'm 5 Months Old!!!
ANyway, enjoy your last moments of 2008! You can never get them back again! And Happy New Year to you all!!!
See you in 2009!
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