Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chipmunk Cheeks and Christmas Parties

Yesterday:Well, I survived the wisdom teeth tractor pull, and made it back to Stillwater safely. Since then, I have been in a daze, surrounded by ice packs and pillows. The worst part is not being able to eat like I did! I can't open my mouth more than a couple centimeters now, so I have to stick with applesauce and Lipton soup for the time being. (And the 4 gaping holes collecting food probably wouldnt be good either...)
This is my 3rd day, and the chipmunk cheeks are worse than ever. What's even worse is that one is bigger than the other! AND of course, today is the day that I gave out certificates of achievement to some Kindermusik kids, and am in charge of bringing a snack to Emma's class party. Great. You know how brutally honest kids are!!! I'm a walking target!!! Ahhhh!

Today:The party went well, except that there was no parking left so I had to pull into a mud pit and drag it into my car with the stroller wheels afterwards! >:( But no kids poked fun at my cheeks, though some of the other moms were questioning if I had a bad botox job or something, I'm sure!

Emma eating her snack during the Holiday Party at school yesterday. So sweet! :)

Emma & her class

Evan was dressed up as Santa for the party. (Even though he fell asleep on the way!). Beforehand, he was bouncing around in his tigger bouncer! (What? You didn't know Santa rode Tiggers, too?!!?)
I am still really swollen, and now freaking out that I'll get "dry socket" over the weekend when there's an ice storm and no way to get to the dentist! BUT, I am eating a little more solid foods and such, so that's getting better. I'm glad I only have to do this once!
Emma's last day of school is today, and they are having a surprise party for her teacher's birthday today. They also had pajama day, which Emma has been bugging her about since the first day of school! She was SO excited that she got to roll outta bed ready for school!
Anyway, I hope you are all well and warm! (I heard it snowed in Las Vegas and Los ANgeles! You guys are probably in shock!!)
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