Friday, November 7, 2008

A New Roof!

Thank goodness! Our roof is on, and almost complete! Just a little bit of cutting to do, and it'll be finished. It made it through our first big storm, and stayed up there! Yay!
It was fun for Emma, having new people at our house everyday for a week. We were outside a lot. One day, Emma set up a Kool-Aid stand to raise money for our neighbor's kitten rescue (Tiny Paws). We matched her donation and she got to keep half. She raised a total of almost $15.00! Who can resist a princess selling kool aid?? :)

Bumbo Baby :)

Evan & Daddy <3

Evan & his best buddy :)

So sweet <3>Evan is getting bigger every day. He is laughing more, which is so cute. Anytime I am down, that sweet little smile melts all the bad things away.

He loves to look at Emma, and hear her talk. He also has taken a liking to his octopus toy and fish. A future Jaques Cousteau, maybe?

Emma is still into her ugly dolls and webkinz. She also likes My Little Pony & Littlest Pet Shops. The Great Pumpkin brought her a My Little Pony this year and some play food. (If you didn't already know, she leaves 90% of her candy outside her door on Halloween night for the Great Pumpkin, who trades it for toys).

She will be starting Girl Scouts soon, which she is excited about. Now that soccer season ended, she's been a little bored.

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend!

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