Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

As usual, we had a busy weekend! How was yours? John got the rest of the house lights hung after my half attempt last week :) So, our house looks so pretty at night now! I got a little excited after that and the satellite finally started their Christmas music channel, so we decorated the house inside for Christmas, too. I figured that since we won't be in our house on Thanksgiving, we might as well decorate now! So, our stockings are hung by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Nickolas hasn't been affected by the economy...

Anyway, last week went a little downhill when I had to pick up Emma from school early because she didn't feel well. Her friend had a stomach bug the day before, so I figured that's what it was, but I took her to the doctor because of a sore throat and she ended up with strep throat! So then, I had to go to MY doctor to get ammoxicillian, even though my strep test came back negative. I wasn't about to get strep for Thanksgiving dinner!

SO, the next day, she went back to school at lunch time and I was off to buy turkey dinner fixins!

Saturday Emma had her first Girl Scout function. They were making holiday crafts for themselves and some other community people, but I can't remember who...

Making pinecone turkeys

Her Daisy uniform - still patchless! :(

Anyway, she had a lot of fun, and then her friend from school came over to play. She ended up staying until night, and Emma wanted her to stay over. Unfortunately, they got a little rowdy together and John decided that they probably weren't going to sleep at all, so she went home :( So Emma was close to having her first slumber party, but not quite :)

Today was a pretty lounge around day except for a Kindermusik meeting, but it was here, so we didn't have to leave for that :) Our house is sparkly and festive, and our tree has already become Calypso's favorite place to cat-nap.

Emma also put up her tree today. It's really cute! I'll have to snap a pic tomorrow! But here's our little cowboy fan! :)

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