Thursday, November 13, 2008

New 'Do!

Happy Thursday!!

Evan had his first official hairdo yesterday. Yay! His naturally spiky hair just was stuck together with baby lotion to form his first baby mohawk :)

He has also discovered Sesame Street, which he loves. So, yes, I let my 3 month old watch TV every morning for a bit when Sesame Street is on. But, hey, he might learn to read early like Emma! Plus, it's funny to see him smile and laugh at Bert and Elmo.
Luckily, Grandma Joyce gave Emma a lot of Elmo toys, so she passed them on to him, and he's in love :)

He has stayed with my friend, Amanda, twice now, and has really taken a liking to her. She can make him laugh by making funny noises and tickles and it's so cute! :) I know, I know, you're all gasping that I left my child somewhere without me for a couple hours, but yes, I did it. He wasn't liking to stay in Kindermusik more than one hour!
Anyway, off to start the day!!
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