Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Black Friday!

Happy Biggest Shopping Day of the Year!!
How was your Thanksgiving feast? Ours was yummy! We lugged all our ingredients and such over to my dad's GORGEOUS cabin, and hosted there. Much to daddy's dismay, I flooded the house with heat and fall decor and began the cooking. :) At first, things went a little bad because I thought the stove was on for 2 hours, and turned out, it wasn't! I wondered why the turkey was still white...
Anyway, I enede up getting it all cooked and delicious and started on all the other dishes. I still got done at 3, and we ate a yummy feast with my parents, John's parents, my baby brother, and my sister & her boyfriend, Levi. It was a great time. Evan enjoyed watching all his family eating, and starring at the intresting table of food. Emma ate 2 helpings of her favorite green bean casserole (between her & John, I'm surprised the rest of us got any!).

Evan taking a short nap before dinner!

The table with the turkey! Yum! (Daddy & I discussing wine)

Everyone but Daddy and half of baby brother Erich! :(
Evan's 1st Thanksgiving!

We were all exhausted by 6:00 that evening, and headed home. A few hours later, we woke up the kids for our annual tradition of black friday shopping. Emma's favorite part is getting to wear her pajamas out. Last year, John & I split up and my mom went to help him while my sister & I went to another store. This year, we all went together to WalMart. (Only in Oklahoma, right??) They had some cute winter clothes for Emma pretty cheap and we got a few other gifts. Right at 5, people started going crazy screaming and grabbing stuff, and my mom and I with the kids were having so much fun just watching the crazed mothers grabbing the Hannah Montana dolls off the pallets that we almost left Emma behind! Haha! John was off searching for blue ray DVDs and when we finally all met back up, we checked out and went home for pancakes and milk. Shortly after that, I went into hibernation and when I woke up 4 hours later, my mom was gone and everyone was laying down watching TV, except Evan, who had gone into hibernation as well. :)
ANyway, later on, my mom came back so "Santa" and John & I could go pick up a few last minute items. So, all in all, it was an eventful day that ended with us being done Christmas shopping for the kids! Yay!
Another exciting thing that happened today was that Evan turned 4 months old! Yay! He is still brown haired, but his eyes are blue with hazel in the center now. He is still almost ALWAYS smiling, and he laughs a LOT. He is lifting his head like a pro, and is cute as a bug! ♥

4 months old today!!!
Anyway, we hope you all had a safe & wonderful Thanksgiving, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!♥
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