Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pumpkins and Gords, oh my!

Hello! How was your weekend? We started ours off with strep throat on Thursday. I took Emma in and she tested positive for it, which I had expected since all her friends had it. I also made an appt for myself Monday since I get strep just thinking about it. Sadly, it made its appearance Friday night and I went in to the urgent care center Saturday morning. It was gross. Anyway, I was contagious for 24 hours after meds, so I couldn't go to the game that day :( BUT, I heard it was pretty boring, even though we won. So, Emma was home Thursday afternoon and Friday. She felt much better. We tried to keep her home from her soccer game yesterday, but we were snack parents and she wanted to go. She scored 3 goals.

This morning my little "niece" got baptized. It was so sweet. She was wearing a baptismal gown that's been in her family for over 90 years! I didn't ask if I could post her pic here, so I won't, but she was beautiful! :)

Then it was off to the pumpkin patch. This one was owned by the aunt of Emma's teacher last year. We went with one of her friends, Gavin, and his family. They were in class last year and this year, too. We walked away with 2 pumpkins and a couple hay bales.

Here we all are!

Emma & Gavin (with little brother, Joey in the background)

Evan in his first pumpkin patch! :)

And the princess of pumpkins :)

So, that was our exciting, tiring, but fun weekend. Hopefully thid finds you all happy & well. Happy Fall!

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